Beyond Political Correctness

Remapping German Sensibilities in the 21st Century


The articles assembled in this book discuss important questions about German society and the very notion of what being German means in the age of globalization and the vanishing of nation-states in a continuously strengthening European Union; the question about what is German culture in a postmodern era; and how the past affects and shapes the present and future of hybrid German generations. Taking into account not only national but also transnational and recent global developments and concomitant critical debates, this book continues to engage in the discourses of rethinking German national identity, exploring socio-cultural, literary and cinematic responses by German, German Jewish, and other minority authors and filmmakers.
These essays focus particularly on trends since the turn of the millennium, and explore how these trends and their new developments are represented and interpreted through the eyes of different media.
Beyond Political Correctness: Remapping German Sensibilities in the 21st Century will appeal to readers with a wide variety of academic interests, including cultural history, film studies and contemporary German literature, German-Jewish and Minority literature.


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Table of contents

Christine Anton: Repositioning German Identity
Helmut Schmitz: Catastrophic History, Trauma and Mourning in W.G. Sebald and Jörg Friedrich
Christine Anton: Historiography and Memory Politics: The Cultural-Historical Discourse in the Works of Bernhard Schlink
Norgard Klages: A Different Voice: ‘Vergangenheitsbewältigung’ in Ruth Klüger’s weiter leben and unterwegs verloren
Dagmar C. G. Lorenz: A Human Being or a Good Jew? Individualism in Vladimir Vertlib’s Novel Letzter Wunsch
Muriel Cormican: Normalization and the Ethics of Holocaust Representation in Vilsmaier’s Leo und Claire and Comedian Harmonists
Sabine von Mering: Searching for Justice: Jews, Germans and the Nazi Past in Recent German Cinema
Jennifer E. Michaels: Challenging Notions of Post-Wall German Identity: Minority and Migrant Voices
Susan C. Anderson: Unification and Difference in German Post-Wall Cinema
David N. Coury and Frank Pilipp: Post-Wall German Road Movies: Renegotiations of National Identity?
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