Agents and their Actions


Table of contents
Introduction E.J. LOWE: Event Causation and Agent Causation Ralf STOECKER: Agents in Action Geert KEIL: How Do We Ever Get Up? On the Proximate Causation of Actions and Events Maria ALVAREZ: Letting Happen, Omissions, and Causation Frederick STOUTLAND: Responsive Action and the Belief-Desire Model Marco IORIO: How Are Agents Related to Their Actions? The Existentialist Response Jens KULENKAMPFF: What Oedipus Did When He Married Jocasta or What Ancient Tragedy Tells Us About Agents, Their Actions, and the World Rüdiger BITTNER: Agents as Rulers Monika BETZLER: How Can an Agent Rationally Guide His Actions? Martina HERRMANN: Competence, Options, and Relations Weitere Abhandlungen/Further Articles Eduardo FERMANDOIS: Kommunikation ohne Sprache? Zu Davidsons später Sprachphilosophie Guido IMAGUIRE: Die Form der Externalität in Russells An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry und die Ursprünge seiner Relationstheorie Buch-Symposium/Book-Symposium John BICKLE: Precis of Psychoneural Reduction: The New Wave Ansgar BECKERMANN: Physicalism and New Wave Reductionism J. Christopher MALONEY: Reservations about New Wave Reduction Achim STEPHAN: How to Lose the Mind-Body Problem John BICKLE: New Wave Metascience. Replies to Beckermann, Maloney, and Stephan Buchnotizen/Critical Notes Eingesandte Bücher/Books Received
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