Images of the North

Histories – Identities – Ideas

This interdisciplinary volume seeks to examine and explore the various issues surrounding image construction, identity making and representations of the North, as well as the interconnectedness between those issues. The aim is to elucidate the multiple aspects of the idea of the North, both as a mythological space and a discursive system created and shaped by cultures outside the North as well as from within. The objective of the research project Iceland and Images of the North is to elucidate several aspects of images of the North and to explore their functions in the present, focusing especially on Iceland. What effect have Iceland and its people had on images of the North, and how do those images influence the Icelanders and other nations? The project will be a cooperative, interdisciplinary undertaking by researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

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List of Figures and Tables
Notes on Contributors
Joep LEERSSEN: Foreword
Ólafur Ragnar GRÍMSSON: Images of the North: Address by the President of Iceland
Waldemar ZACHARASIEWICZ: The Theory of Climate and the North in Anglophone Literatures
Sherrill GRACE: Canada and its Images of North
Ármann JAKOBSSON: Food and the North-Icelandic Identity in 13th century Iceland and Norway
W. Tad PFEFFER: People and Place in the Far North: A Vision of Life, Community and Change
Karen OSLUND: Of Whales and Men: Images of Iceland and the North Atlantic in Contemporary Whaling Politics
Kirsten HASTRUP: Images of Thule: Maps and Metaphors in Polar Exploration
Edward H. HUIJBENS & Karl BENEDIKTSSON: Geared for the Sublime: Mobile Images of the North
Karin SCHAER: From Hell to Homeland: Eggert Ólafsson’s Reise igiennem Island and the Construction of Icelandic Identity
Annie DUFFY: The Natural Resource Industry Visual Impact Paradox: A Perspective on Alaskan Imagery and Art
Sumarliði R. ÍSLEIFSSON: Icelandic National Images in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Diana PETKOVA: Images of the North from a Distance
Christopher M. FLETCHER: Inuit Symbols and Canadian Nationhood in the Imagined North
Timothy PURSELL & Maureen P. HOGAN: Alaska’s Eternal Frontier: Rural Masculinity and Landscape Nostalgia
Unnur Dís SKAPTADÓTTIR & Kristín LOFTSDÓTTIR: Cultivating Culture? Images of Iceland, Globalization and Multicultural Society
Christophe PONS: The Use of Images in Aniconic Societies: Occultism, Protestantism and Imagination in Iceland
Lisa Ann FAVERO: Perfomances of Scale: Visual Culture and Site-Specifi c Art in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Era
Kristinn SCHRAM: The Wild Wild North: The Narrative Cultures of Image Construction in Media and Everyday Life
Sarah S. MCCONNELL & Debbie Mekiana TOOPETLOOK: Welcome to Anaktuvuk Pass!
Katla KJARTANSDÓTTIR: Remote, Rough and Romantic: Contemporary Images of Iceland in Visual, Oral and Textual Narrations