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Studies in English Corpus Linguistics


The twenty papers of this volume - published to honour Gunnel Tottie - are of interest to everyone concerned with the study of the English language. The collection is a convincing argument for an approach to language studies based on the analysis of computerized corpora.
Though this is not an introduction to the field but a series of highly specialized studies, readers get a good overview of the work being done at present in English computer corpus studies. English corpus linguistics, though basically concerned with the study of varieties of English, goes far beyond the simple ordering and counting of large numbers of examples but is deeply concerned with linguistic theory - based on real language data.
The volume includes sections on corpora of written and spoken present-day English, historical corpora, contrastive corpora, and on the application of corpus studies to teaching purposes.

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Preface. INTRODUCTION. BROWN, LOB AND BEYOND. Leiv Egil BREIVIK: On the interrelation of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics: A study of locative/temporal expressions in existential sentences in the LOB Corpus. Jan SVARTVIK and Hans LINDQUIST: One and body language. Magnus LJUNG: The s-genitive and the of-construction in different types of English texts. Edgar W. SCHNEIDER: As as 'is'. Is as?%% ‘is'? Christine JOHANSSON: The positional variation of the possessive relativizer of which. Edward FINEGAN and Douglas BIBER: Relative markers in English: Fact and fancy. LLC, TOSCA AND BEYOND. Bengt ALTENBERG and Mats EEG-OLOFSSON: The collocability of nouns in the London-Lund Corpus. Christer GEISLER: On pragmatic control in English: Problems of interpreting infinitival subjects in spoken discourse. Jan AARTS and Nelleke OOSTDIJK: Handling discourse elements in syntax. Pieter de HAAN: On the use of rank-frequency distributions. Anna-Brita STENSTRÖM: Tags in teenage talk. HELSINKI AND BEYOND. Toril SWAN: Old English subject modification and adverbialization. Andreas FISCHER: The Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM as a historical corpus: To wed and to marry revisited. Göran KJELLMER: The conjunction once. Ingrid TIEKEN-BOON VAN OSTADE: Negation in Sarah Fielding's letters. CONTRASTIVE ANALYSES. Stig JOHANSSON: In search of the missing not: Some notes on negation in English and Norwegian. Karin AIJMER: Epistemic modality as a discourse phenomenon — a Swedish-English cross-language perspective. TEACHING. Dieter MINDT: Complementary distribution, gradience and overlap in corpora and in ELT: Analysing and teaching the progressive. William A. KRETZSCHMAR, JR.: Computer-assisted study of American English lexical data. OUTLOOK. Christian MAIR: On the advantages of not being a native speaker...: The continental tradition in English linguistics.