Corpora Galore

Analyses and Techniques in Describing English


Editor: John M. Kirk

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Corpora Galore is a selection of papers from the Nineteenth International Conference in English Language Research on Computerised Corpora (ICAME 19) … As John Kirk remarks in his preface (p i), ICAME conferences are ‘invariable innovatory’ … [These articles] provide useful information for anyone interested in the linguistic description of English, and potential inspiration for many others in literary and linguistic computing.” in: Literary and Linguistics Computing, Vol. 16, No. 4, 2001
“… this collection is, on the whole, as worth-reading as the proceedings of previous ICAME conferences as it introduces ‘new descriptions from new corpora using new techniques’ (p. i), as Kirk points out in his preface (correctly, I believe)… On the whole, Corpora Galore is a celebration of the fact that only a few years after Jan Svartvik’s (1992:7) statement that ‘[c]orpus linguistics comes of age’, it has by now come of age and is rapidly growing and consistently flourishing. The book provides many interesting results by using many different methods and many different corpora. Everyone who is interested in the linguistic description of authentic English, will no doubt profit from reading this selection. As conference proceedings tend to be in general (and this is not a criticism at all), it is more like a jigsaw puzzle and not a straight-forward introduction to the state of the art in corpus linguistics. Hopefully, many linguists will try to put the puzzle together by reading the book.” in: THE LINGUIST LIST 11.1905, Sat. Sep. 9, 2000
Preface. Acknowledgements. I LEXICAL AND COLLOCATIONAL DESCRIPTION Susan BLACKWELL: Looking up look: Discourse Markers in the Bank of English Sebastian HOFFMANN and Hans-Martin LEHMANN: Collocational Evidence from the British National Corpus Graeme KENNEDY and Shunji YAMAZAKI: The Influence of Maori on the New Zealand English Lexicon Anthony McENERY, John Paul BAKER and Andrew HARDIE: Assessing Claims about Language Use with Corpus Data: Swearing and Abuse David C. MINUGH: You people use such weird expressions: The frequency of idioms in newspaper CDs as corpora Vincent B.Y. OOI: Asian or Western Realities? Collocations in Singaporean-Malaysian English II SYNTACTIC DESCRIPTION Jürgen GERNER: Singular and Plural Anaphors of Indefinite Personal Pronouns in Spoken British English Göran KJELLMER: Auxiliary Marginalities: The Case of Try Anna RAHMAN and Geoffrey SAMPSON: Extending Grammar Annotation to Spontaneous Speech Pasi TAPANAINEN and Timo JÄRVINEN: Syntactic Concordancers Atro VOUTILAINEN: Helsinki Taggers and Parsers for English Sean WALLIS, Bas AARTS and Gerald NELSON: Parsing in Reverse: Exploring ICE-GB with Fuzzy Tree Fragments and ICECUP