From the COLT’s mouth ... and others'

Language Corpora Studies. In honour of Anna-Brita Stenström


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Review Quotes

”this is a valuable collection with respect to corpora related studies, especially spoken corpora.” in: The Linguist List Wed. Dec. 11, 2002

Table of contents

Jan Aarts: Does corpus linguistics exist? Some old and new issues
Karin Aijmer and Bengt Altenberg: Zero translations and cross-linguistic equivalence: Evidence from the English-Swedish Parallel Corpus
Gisle Andersen: Corpora and the double copula
Pieter de Haan: The non-nominal character of spoken English
Eli-Marie Drange: Teenage slang in Norway
Thorstein Fretheim and Stig Johansson: The semantics and pragmatics of the Norwegian concessive marker likevel: Evidence from the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus
Angela Hasselgren: Sounds a bit foreign
Ingrid Kristine Hasund: Congratulations, like! - Gratulerer, liksom! Pragmatic particles in English and Norwegian
John M. Kirk: Applications of the Stenström model of discourse structure
Göran Kjellmer: The Britain: An unexpected case of article usage in present-day English
Magnus Ljung: What vocabulary tells us about genre differences: A study of lexis in five newspaper genres
Dieter Mindt: What is a grammatical rule?
David Minugh: ‘Her COLTISH energy notwithstanding’: An examination of the adposition notwithstanding
Gunnel Tottie and Hans Martin Lehmann: As and other relativizers after same in present-day standard English
Anne Wichmann: Looking for attitudes in corpora

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