Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2001

Selected Papers from the Twelfth CLIN Meeting


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Table of contents

David R. TRAUM: Ideas on Multi-layer Dialogue Management for Multi-party, Multi-conversation, Multi-modal Communication.
Leonoor van der BEEK, Gosse BOUMA, Rob MALOUF, Gertjan van NOORD: The Alpino Dependency Treebank.
Gosse BOUMA, Begoña VILLADA: Corpus-based Acquisition of Collocational Prepositional Phrases.
Christophe COSTA FLORÊNCIO: Conservative vs Set-driven Learning Functions for the Classes k-valued.
Bart DECADT, Jacques DUCHATEAU, Walter DAELEMANS, Patrick WAMBACQ: Memory-Based Phoneme-to-Grapheme Conversion.
Jesse de DOES, John van der VOORT van der KLEIJ: Tagging the Dutch PAROLE Corpus.
Fien DE MEULDER, Walter DAELEMANS, Véronique HOSTE: A Named Entity Recognition System for Dutch.
Jan van EIJCK: Reference Resolution in Context.
Tanja GAUSTAD, Gosse BOUMA: Accurate Stemming of Dutch for Text Classification.
Markus GUHE, Frank SCHILDER: Incremental Generation of Self-corrections Using Underspecification.
Djoerd HIEMSTRA, David van LEEUWEN: Creating a Dutch Information Retrieval Test Corpus.
Gerard KEMPEN, Karin HARBUSCH: Performance Grammar: a Declarative Definition.
Piroska LENDVAI, Antal van den BOSCH, Emiel KRAHMER, Marc SWERTS: Multi-feature Error Detection in Spoken Dialogue Systems.
Arjen POUTSMA: Applying Monte Carlo Techniques to Language Identification.
Vincent VANDEGHINSTE: Automated Compounding as a Means for Maximizing Lexical Coverage.
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