Corpus Analysis

Language Structure and Language Use


The papers published in this volume were originally presented at the Third North American Symposium on Corpus Linguistics and Language Teaching held on 23-25 March 2001 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Each paper analyses some aspect of language use or structure in one or more of the many linguistic corpora now available. The number of different corpora investigated in the book is a real testament to the progress that has been made in recent years in developing new corpora, particularly spoken corpora, as over half of the papers deal either wholly or partially with the analysis of spoken data. This book will be of particular interest to undergraduate and graduate students and scholars interested in corpus, socio and applied linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and language teaching.
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John M. SWALES and Amy BURKE: “It’s really fascinating work”: Differences in Evaluative Adjectives across Academic Registers
Anna MAURANEN: “But here’s a flawed argument”: Socialisation into and through Metadiscourse
John FLOWERDEW: Register-specificity of Signalling Nouns in Discourse
Douglas BIBER: Variation among University Spoken and Written Registers: A New Multi-dimensional Analysis
Ulla CONNOR and Thomas UPTON: Linguistic Dimensions of Direct Mail Letters
Christer GEISLER: Gender-Based Variation in Nineteenth-Century English Letter-Writing
Susan FITZMAURICE: The Grammar of Stance in Early Eighteenth-Century English Epistolary Language
Kristen PRECHT: Great vs. Lovely: Stance Differences in American and British English
Michael J. McCARTHY and Anne O’KEEFFE: “What’s in a Name?”: Vocatives in Casual Conversations and Radio Phone-in Calls
Hongyin TAO: Turn Initiators in Spoken English: A Corpus-Based Approach to Interaction and Grammar
Malcah YAEGER-DROR, Lauren HALL-LEW and Sharon DECKERT: Situational Variation in Intonational Strategies
Bonnie FONSECA-GREBER and Linda R. WAUGH: On the Radical Difference between the Subject Personal Pronouns in Written and Spoken European French
Charles MEYER, Roger GRABOWSKI, Hung-Yul HAN, Konstantin MANTZOURANIS, and Stephanie MOSES: The World Wide Web as Linguistic Corpus
Robert BLEY-VROMAN: Corpus Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition: Rules and Frequency in the Acquisition of English Multiple wh-Questions
Juhani RUDANKO: Comparing Alternate Complements of Object Control Verbs: Evidence from the Bank of English Corpus
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