Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2002

Selected Papers from the Thirteenth CLIN Meeting


Editor: Tanja Gaustad
This volume provides a selection of the papers which were presented at the thirteenth conference on Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (held in Groningen in November 2002). The subjects covered in this book represent a cross-section of current research topics in computational linguistics ranging from theoretical to applied research and development. The target audience consists of students and scholars of computational linguistics as well as speech and language processing, both in academia and industry.
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Table of contents

Hugo BRANDT CORSTIUS: De desillusie van mijn leven of Remember November
Regular Papers
Erzsébet CSUHAJ-VARJÚ, Carlos MARTÍN-VIDE, and Victor MITRANA: Parallel Communicating Finite Transducer Systems
Sebastian van DELDEN and Fernando GOMEZ: Extending a Finite State Approach for Parsing Commas in English to Dutch
Jacques DUCHATEAU, Tom LAUREYS, Kris DEMUYNCK, and Patrick WAMBACQ: Handling Disfluencies in Spontaneous Language Models
Frank Van EYNDE: Morpho-syntactic Agreement and Index Agreement in Dutch NPs
James HAMMERTON: Learning to Segment Speech with Self-organising Maps
Christer JOHANSSON: How is Grammatical Gender Processed
Stasinos KONSTANTOPOULOS: BaseNP Chunking using ILP
Kristina SPRANGER and Ulrich HEID: A Dutch Chunker as a Basis for the Extraction of Linguistic Knowledge
Ton van der WOUDEN, Ineke SCHUURMAN, Machteld SCHOUPPE, and Heleen HOEKSTRA: Harvesting Dutch Trees: Syntactic Properties of Spoken Dutch
Menno van ZAANEN and Gerhard van HUYSSTEEN: Improving a Spelling Checker for Afrikaans
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