English Corpora under Japanese Eyes


English Corpora under Japanese Eyes is a fine collection of papers written in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Japan Association of English Corpus Studies (JAECS). Beginning with the overview of the field by Stig Johansson, an honorary member of the JAECS, the present volume shows the state-of-art in English corpus studies in Japan and demonstrates the creative uses of corpora in a wide range of research topics from studies drawing on large-scale general corpora, such as British National Corpus and the Bank of English, to studies based on more specific, historical, literary, learner and parallel corpora. The papers incorporated in this anthology are grouped into five sections: 1) Overview of corpus-based studies, 2) Corpus-based studies of contemporary English, 3) Historical and diachronic studies of English, 4) Corpus-based studies in English literature, 5) Corpus and English language teaching. This volume will inspire still further corpus exploitation in the broader field of the humanities.

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Table of contents

Mitsunori IMAI: Foreword
Junsaku NAKAMURA, Nagayuki INOUE and Tomoji TABATA: Preface
I. Overview of Corpus-Based Studies
Stig JOHANSSON: Corpus Linguistics – past, present, future: A view from Oslo
II. Corpus-Based Studies in Contemporary English
Mitsumi UCHIDA and Tomohiro YANAGI: What is to be done about it? A Parallel Corpus Study of ‘Copula and Infinitive’ Constructions in English and French
Mayumi NISHIBU: Definite Notional Subject in Existential There Constructions: A Quantitative Study
Makoto SHIMIZU and Masaki MURATA: Patterns with Transitive Verb and Reflexive in English and their Counterparts in Japanese: A Bilingual Pattern Grammar Approach
Makimi KIMURA: Magnate and Tycoon: A Case of Rivalry between Existing Vocabulary and Newer Loanwords as Seen in OED2 and BNC
Satoko TAKAMI: A Corpus-Driven Identification of Distinctive Words: ‘Tabloid Adjectives’ and ‘Broadsheet Adjectives’ in the Bank of English
III. Historical and Diachronic Studies of English
Yoshiyuki NAKAO, Akiyuki JIMURA, and Masatsugu MATSUO: A Project for a Comprehensive Collation of the Hengwrt and Ellesmere Manuscripts of The Canterbury Tales: The General Prologue
Ohkado MASAYUKI: On Verb Movement in Old English Subordinate Clauses
Satoru TSUKAMOTO: Syntactic Chronology: Dating Text in the History of English
IV. Corpus-Based Studies in English Literature
Shin’ichiro ISHIKAWA: A Corpus-Based Approach to Basic Colour Terms in the Novels of D.H. Lawrence
V. Corpus and English Language Taching
Tomoko KANEKO: The Use of Past Tense Forms by Japanese Learners of English
Kiyomi CHUJO: Measuring Vocabulary Levels of English Textbooks and Tests Using a BNC Lemmatised High Frequency Word List.

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