Screen-based Art


In the 21st century, the screen - the Internet screen, the television screen, the video screen and all sorts of combinations thereof - will be booming in our visual and infotechno culture. Screen-based art, already a prominent and topical part of visual culture in the 1990s, will expand even more. In this volume, digital art - the new media - as well as its connectedness to cinema will be the subject of investigation. The starting point is a two-day symposium organized by the Netherlands Media Art Institute Montevideo/TBA, in collaboration with the L&B (Lier en Boog) series and the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA).
Issues which emerged during the course of investigation deal with questions such as: How could screen-based art be distinguished from other art forms? Could screen-based art theoretically be understood in one definite model or should one search for various possibilities and/or models? Could screen-based art be canonized? What are the physical and theoretical forms of representation for screen-based art? What are the idiosyncratic concepts geared towards screen-based art? This volume includes various arguments, positions, and statements by artists, curators, philosophers, and theorists. The participants are Marie-Luise Angerer, Annette W. Balkema, René Beekman, Raymond Bellour, Peter Bogers, Joost Bolten, Noël Carroll, Sean Cubitt, Cãlin Dan, Chris Dercon, Honoré d'O, Anne-Marie Duquet, Ken Feingold, Ursula Frohne, hARTware curators, Heiner Holtappels, Aernout Mik, Patricia Pisters, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Sloterdijk, Ed S. Tan, Barbara Visser and Siegfried Zielinski.

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Annette W. BALKEMA and Henk SLAGER: Prologue Marie-Luise ANGERER: New Technology and its Subject Annette W. BALKEMA: Desire for the Screen René BEEKMAN: Composing Images Raymond BELLOUR: Challenging Cinema Peter BOGERS: Limitations and Imperfections Joost BOLTEN: The Medium in the Middle Noël CARROLL: Forget the Medium! Sean CUBITT: The Chronoscope Cãlin DAN: Growing Old in New Media Honoré d'O: Theatrical Video Anne-Marie DUQUET: Scenography of the Image Ken FEINGOLD: Contextual Consciousness Symposium Filmic Images Chris DERCON: Still/A Novel Patricia PISTERS: Molecular Processes of Becoming Ed TAN: The Filmic Image as an Icon of Cultural Memory Ursula FROHNE: Illusions of Experience hARTware curators: Observations on Techno-Art Heiner HOLTAPPELS: Topicalism and the Design of Time Aernout MIK: Staged Situations Nicolaus SCHAFHAUSEN: Communication Torture Jeffrey SHAW: Media Art and Interactive Cinema Peter SLOTERDIJK: Neolithic Intelligence Barbara VISSER: Blurring Boundaries Siegfried ZIELINSKI: Time Machines Participants