African Literatures in the Eighties


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Dieter RIEMENSCHNEIDER: Introduction. ARTICLES. Frank SCHULZE-ENGLER: Discourses of Arrested Modernization: African Literary Theory in the 1980s. Bernth LINDFORS: Desert Gold. Irrigation Schemes for Ending the Book Drought. Denise LORENZ & Marion PAUSCH: L'Afrique francophone se raconte: une décennie d'expression africaine. Eustace PALMER: West African Literature in the 1980s. J.O.J. NWACHUKWU-AGBADA: The Eighties and the Return to Oral Cadences in Nigerian Poetry. Flora VEIT-WILD: The Elusive Truth. Literary Development in Zimbabwe since 1980. Francis IMBUGA: East African Literature in the 1980s. Ursula BARNETT: South African Literature of the Eighties. Anne ADAMS: Claiming Her Authority from Life: Twenty Years of African Women's Literary Criticism. POEMS. Brian M. MATAMBANADZO: Dearly Beloved. Nhamo MARECHERA: There is no Sun in Africa but Drought. S.J. NONDO: The Vengeance of the Poor Man. Nhamo MARECHERA: To the Memory of my Beloved Brother, Dambudzo Marechera. An Extract. SHORT STORIES. Julia MUNDAWARARA: In Search of Counsel. Nigel THOMAS: Death of Murderess.