The Medieval Chronicle V


Editor: Erik Kooper
There are several reasons why the chronicle is particularly suited as the topic of a yearbook. In the first place there is its ubiquity: all over Europe and throughout the Middle Ages chronicles were written, both in Latin and in the vernacular, and not only in Europe but also in the countries neighbouring on it, like those of the Arabic world. Secondly, all chronicles raise such questions as by whom, for whom, or for what purpose were they written, how do they reconstruct the past, what determined the choice of verse or prose, or what kind of literary influences are discernable in them. Finally, many chronicles have been beautifully illuminated, and the relation between text and image leads to a wholly different set of questions. The yearbook The Medieval Chronicle aims to provide a representative survey of the on-going research in the field of chronicle studies, illustrated by examples from specific chronicles from a wide variety of countries, periods and cultural backgrounds. The Medieval Chronicle is published in cooperation with the Medieval Chronicle Society.

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Chris GIVEN-WILSON: Offical and Semi-Official History in the Later Middle Ages: The English Evidence in Context
Laurence HARF-LANCER: L’éclairage iconographique: l’illustration des Chroniques de Froissart
Teresa AMADO: Fiction as Rhetoric: A Study of Fernão Lopes’ Crónica De D. João I
Isabel de BARROS DIAS: Gathering, Ranking and Denegating Sources in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Iberian Chronicles
Cristian BRATU: L’esthetique des chroniquers de la IVe Croisade et l’épistémè gothico-scolastique
Graeme DUNPHY: On the Function of the Disputations in the Kaserchronik
Per FÖRNEGÅRD: Le Miroir historical de Jean de Noyal ou l’art de compiler
Wojtek JEZIERSKI: Taking Sides: Some Theoretical Remarks on the (Ab)Use of Historiography
Linda KALJUNDI: Waiting for the Barbarians: Reconstruction of Otherness in the Saxon Missionary and Crusading Chronicles, 11th – 13th Centuries
Andy KING and Julia MARVIN: A Warning to the Incurious: M. R. James, the Scalacronica and the Anglo-Norman Prose Brut Chronicle
Alison WILLIAMS LEWIN: Chivalry and Romance in the Chronicle of Bindino da Travale
Margarida MADUREIRA: Le chroniquer et son public: les versions latine et française de Chronique de Guillaume de Tyr
Marigold Anne NORBYE: ‘A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires’: The Multiple Transformations of a Fifteenth-Century French Genealogical Chronicle
Anti SELART: Iam tunc…. The Political Context of the First Part of the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia
Paul TRIO: The Chronicle Attributed to ‘Olivier van Diksmuide’: a Misunderstood Town Chronicle of Ypres from Late Medieval Flanders