Eastward Bound

Dutch Ventures and Adventures in the Middle East


C.G. BROUWER: Willem de Milde, Kânî Shalabî and Fadlî Bâshâ: A Servant of the Dutch East Indian Company Received in Audience by the Beglerbegi of Yemen, 1622-1624. Jan de HOND: Cornelis de Bruijn (1652-1726/7): A Dutch Painter in the East. Johan van DROFFELAAR: Flemish Fathers in the Levant: Dutch Protection of Three Franciscan Missions in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Richard van LEEUWEN: Missionaries and Maronites in 'Ayn Tûrâ. Alexander H. de GROOT: The Dragomans of the Embassies in Istanbul 1785-1834. Marjo BUITELAAR: What it is Like As a Woman: Dutch Female Ethnographers in the Middle East.