Postmodern Subjects / Postmodern Texts


Volume Editors: Jane Dowson and Steven Earnshaw

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Catherine BURGASS: Out and Out Attack: Postmodern Feminism and the Problem of Power. Luigi CAZZATO: Hard Metafiction and the Return of the Author Subject: The Decline of Postmodernism? Kevin DONNELLY: A Ramble Through the Margins of the Cityscape: The Postmodern as the Return of Nature. Steven EARNSHAW: Love and the Subject. Kate FULLBROOK: Whose Postmodernism? Roberta GARRETT: Costume Drama and Counter Memory: Sally Potter's Orlando. John HOFFMAN: Postmodernism, the State and Politics. Katy MACLEOD: The Teaching Subject: Reviewing Art History within Postmodernism. Deborah L. MADSEN: Postmodern Westerns: Larry McMurtry and the Poetics of Nostalgia. Deborah L. MADSEN and Mark S. MADSEN: Hypertext and the Demise of Metanarrative. Leslie MORAN: The Legal Subject of Sado-Masochism. Paulina PALMER: Postmodern Trends in Contemporary Fiction: Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson. John PHILLIPS: As If ... The Postmodern Psyche and the Borderline Case. Esther SONNET: Representing Others: Postmodernist Epistemology - Film and Female Spectatorship. Geraldine STONEHAM: Dislocations: Postcolonialism in a Postmodernist Space.