Liminal Postmodernisms

The Postmodern, the (Post-)Colonial, and the (Post-)Feminist


HerausgeberInnen: Theo D'haen und Hans Bertens

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Robert YOUNG: Colonialism and the Desiring-Machine. Sylvia SÖDERLIND: Margins and Metaphors: The Politics of Post-***. John THIEME: Passages to England. Steven CONNOR: Rewriting Wrong: On The Ethics of Literary Reversion. Richard TODD: The Retrieval of Unheard Voices in British Postmodernist Fiction. Chantal ZABUS: Prospero's Progeny Curses Back: Postcolonial, Postmodern, and Postpatriarchal Rewritings of The Tempest. Hena MAES-JELINEK: Teaching Past the Posts. Christine LEVECQ: We House and We Land: History and Radical Politics in Paule Marshall's The Chosen Place, The Timeless People. Maria DEL SAPIO GARBERO: Between the Frontiers: Polyglottism and Female Definitions of Self in Christine Brooke-Rose. Allen THIHER: Lacan, Madness, and Women's Fiction in France. Annemarie KEMENY: The Female Machine in the Postmodern Circuit. R.J. ELLIS: Out From Under the Cucumber: The Color Purple's Discursive Critique of Postmodern Deferral. Michael GRONOW: Post-Feminist Poetry in Britain and Ireland. Allen E. HIBBARD: Cultural Upheaval and Fictional Form: Three Novelistic Responses to Nasser's Egypt. Julia MARTIN: The Snake Person Takes on the Cock-Sure Boys: Buddhism/Postmodernism/South African Eco-Politics