Hans Albert is the leading critical rationalist in the German-speaking world and the main critic of the hermeneutic tradition. He is well-known for applying the idea of critical reason to various kinds of human practice, including economics, politics, and law. But he has also improved on Popper's methodology by introducing the idea of rational heuristics.
This collection of essays presents the core of his work on epistemology, philosophy of the social sciences, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of law. Most of Albert's works have not been available in English. It is enormously useful to have these articles collected in a single volume.


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Table of contents

Preface. I. Science and the Search for Truth. Critical Rationalism and the Nature of Epistemology. II. Transcendental Realism and Rational Heuristics. Critical Rationalism and the Problem of Method. III. The Conflict of Science and Religion. Religious Metaphysics and the Scientific World View. IV. Social Science and Moral Philosophy. A Critical Approach to Value Problems in the Social Science. V. The Economic Tradition. Economics as a Research Program for Social Science. VI. Hermeneutics and Economics. A Criticism of Hermeneutical Thinking in the Social Sciences. VII. Social Science, Jurisprudence and Law. Legal Science as Social Technology and Politics. VIII. Is Socialism Inevitable? Historical Prophecy and the Possibilities of Reason. IX. Liberalism Revisited. The Ideal of Liberty and the Problem of the Social Order. Name index. Subject index.