Things, Facts and Events


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The volume deals with ontological and semantical issues concerning things, facts and events. Ontology tells us about what there is, whereas semantics provides answers to how we refer to what there is. Basic ontological categories are commonly accepted along with basic linguistic types, and linguistic types are accepted as basic if and because they refer to acknowledged ontological categories. In that sense, both disciplines are concerned with structure - the structure of the world and the structure of our language.
An extended introduction overviews the topic as a whole, presenting in detail its history and the main contemporary approaches and discussions.
More than 20 contributions by internationally acknowledged scholars make the volume a comprehensive study of some very fundamental philosophical entities.

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”researchers will find this book very useful” in: Educational Book Review, May-June 2002
Jan FAYE, Uwe SCHEFFLER and Max URCHS: philosophical Entities: An Introduction
Jan FAYE: Facts as truth makers
Johannes PERSSON: Examining the Facts
Uwe SCHEFFLER and Yaroslav SHRAMKO: The Logical Ontology of Negative Facts: On what is not
Werner STELZNER: The Impact of Negative Facts for the Imaginary Logic of N. A. Vasil’ev
Bo RODE MEINERTSEN: Events, Facts and Causation
Uwe MEIXNER: Essential Conceptions of Events
Pirmin STEKELER-WEITHOFER: Questions and Theses Concerning (Mental) Events and Causation
Erwin TEGTMEIER: Events as Facts
Max URCHS: Events of Episystems
Johanna SEIBT: The Dynamic Constitution of Things
Käthe TRETTIN: Tropes and Things
Daniel VON WACHTER: A World of Fields
Andreas BARTELS: Quantum Field Theory: A Case for Event Ontologies?
Mauro DORATO: Facts, Events, Things and the Ontology of Physics
Meinhard KUHLMANN: Processes as Objects of Quantum Field Theory
Jacek PAŒNICZEK: Objects vs. Situations
Arto SIITONEN: Effects or Consequences of Action
Paul NEEDHAM: Hot Stuff
Lars Bo GUNDERSEN: Goodman’s Gruesome Modal Fallacy
Thomas MORMANN: topological Representations of Mereological Systems
Uwe SCHEFFLER and Marco WINKLER: Tools: Predicate Based Logical Relations between Events
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