Cognitive Structures in Scientific Inquiry

Essays in Debate with Theo Kuipers. Volume 2


This book is the second of two volumes devoted to the work of Theo Kuipers, a leading Dutch philosopher of science. Philosophers and scientists from all over the world, thirty seven in all, comment on Kuipers’ philosophy, and each of their commentaries is followed by a reply from Kuipers. The present volume is devoted to Kuipers’ neo-classical philosophy of science, as laid down in his Structures in Science (Kluwer, 2001). Kuipers defends a dialectical interaction between science and philosophy in that he views philosophy of science as a meta-science which formulates cognitive structures that provide heuristic patterns for actual scientific research, including design research. In addition, Kuipers pays considerable attention to the computational approaches to philosophy of science as well as to the ethics of doing research. Thomas Nickles, David Atkinson, Jean-Paul van Bendegem, Maarten Franssen, Anne Ruth Mackor, Arno Wouters, Erik Weber & Helena de Preester, Eric Scerri, Adam Grobler & Andrzej Wisniewski, Alexander van den Bosch, Gerard Vreeswijk, Jaap Kamps, Paul Thagard, Emma Ruttkamp, Robert Causey, Henk Zandvoort comment on these ideas of Kuipers, and many present their own account. The present book also contains a synopsis of Structures in Science. It can be read independently of the first volume of Essays in Debate with Theo Kuipers, which is devoted to Kuipers’ From Instrumentalism to Constructive Realism (2000).
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Table of contents

Roberto FESTA, Atocha ALISEDA, Jeanne PEIJNENBURG: Introduction
Theo A.F. KUIPERS: Structures in Scientific Cognition: A Synopsis of Structures in Science. Heuristic Patterns Based on Cognitive Structures. An Advanced Textbook in Neo-Classical Philosophy of Science (2001)
Types of Research and Research Programs
David ATKINSON: A New Metaphysics: Finding A Niche for String Theory
Thomas NICKLES: Problem Reduction: Some Thoughts
Maarten FRANSSEN: Design Research Programs
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM: Proofs and Arguments: The Special Case of Mathematics
Types of Explanation
Erik WEBER, Helena DE PREESTER: Micro-Explanations of Laws
Eric R. SCERRI: On the Formalization of the Periodic Table
Jeanne PEIJNENBURG: Classical, Nonclassical and Neoclassical Intentions
Anne Ruth MACKOR: Erklären, Verstehen and Simulation: Reconsidering the Role of Empathy in the Social Sciences
Arno WOUTERS: Functional Explanation in Biology
Adam GROBLER, Andrzej WIŚNIEWSKI: Explanation and Theory Evaluation
Computational Approaches
Jaap KAMPS: The Ubiquity of Background Knowledge
Alexander P.M. VAN DEN BOSCH: Structures in Neuropharmacology
Paul THAGARD: Why is Beauty a Road to the Truth?
Gerard A.W. VREESWIJK: Direct Connectionistic Methods for Scientific Theory Formation
Theories and Structures
Emma RUTTKAMP: Overdetermination of Theories by Empirical Models: A Realist Interpretation of Empirical Choices
Robert L. CAUSEY: What Is Structure?
Science and Ethics
Henk ZANDVOORT: Knowledge, Risk, and Liability. Analysis of a Discussion Continuing Within Science
and Technology
Bibliography of Theo A.F. Kuipers
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