Idealization XII: Correcting the Model

Idealization and Abstraction in the Sciences


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Table of contents

Kevin D. HOOVER: Quantitative Evaluation of Idealized Models in the New Classical Macroeconomics
John PEMBERTON: Why Idealized Models in Economics Have Limited Use
Amos FUNKENSTEIN: The Revival of Aristotle’s Nature
James R. GRIESEMER: The Informational Gene and the Substantial Body: On the Generalization of Evolutionary Theory by Abstraction
Nancy J. NERSESSIAN: Abstraction via Generic Modeling in Concept Formation in Science
Margaret MORRISON: Approximating the Real: The Role of Idealizations in Physical Theory
Martin R. JONES: Idealization and Abstraction: A Framework
David S. NIVISON: Standard Time
James BOGEN and James WOODWARD: Evading the IRS
M. Norton WISE: Realism Is Dead
Ronald N. GIERE: Is Realism Dead?


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