Framing Borders in Literature and Other Media


This book is both a contribution to an interdisciplinary study of literature and other media and a pioneering application of cognitive and frame-theoretical approaches to these fields. In the temporal media a privileged place for the coding of cognitive frames are the beginnings while in spatial media physical borders take over many framing functions. This volume investigates forms and functions of such framing spaces from a transmedial perspective by juxtaposing and comparing the framing potential of individual media and works. After an introductory theoretical essay, which aims to clarify basic concepts, the volume presents eighteen contributions by scholars from various disciplines who deal with individual media. The first section is dedicated to framing in or through the visual arts and includes discussions of the illustrations of medieval manuscripts, the practice of framing pictures from the Middle Ages to Magritte and contemporary American art as well as framings in printmaking and architecture. The second part deals with literary texts and ranges from studies centred on framings in frame stories to essays focussing on the use of paratextual, textual and non-verbal media in the framings of classical, medieval and modern German and American narrative literature; moreover, it includes studies on defamiliarized framings, e.g. by Julio Cortázar and Jasper Fforde, as well as an essay on end-framing practices. Sections on framings in film (including the trailers of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings) and in music (operatic overtures and Schumann’s piano pieces) provide perspectives on further media. The volume is of relevance to students and scholars from various fields: intermedia studies, cognitive approaches to the media, literary and film studies, history of art, and musicology.


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Table of contents

Preface Werner WOLF: Introduction: Frames, Framings and Framing Borders in Literature and Other Media Framing in/through the Visual Arts Anja GREBE: Frames and Illusion: The Function of Borders in Late Medieval Book Illumination Vera BEYER: How to Frame the Vera Icon? Götz POCHAT: Framing, Actual and Virtual: The Crossing of St. Peter’s in Rome Patricia ALLMER: Framing the Real: Frames and the Processes of Framing in René Magritte’s Œuvre Daniel F. HERRMANN: Touching Upon Framing: Medial Conditions of Printmaking in Dieter Roth’s Komposition I-V (1977-1992) Richard PHELAN: The Picture Frame in Question: American Art 1945-2000 Framing in/of Literary Texts Werner WOLF: Framing Borders in Frame Stories Haiko WANDHOFF: Found(ed) in a Picture: Ekphrastic Framing in Ancient, Medieval, and Contemporary Literature Christian QUENDLER: Frame Analysis and Its Contribution to a Historical and Cultural Theory of Literary Fiction: A Comparison of Initial Framings in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Spy and Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans Till DEMBECK: (Paratextual) Framing and the Work of Art: E.T.A.. Hoffmann’s Prinzessin Brambilla Werner WOLF: Defamiliarized Initial Framings in Fiction Maria STEFANESCU: The (Dis)Continuity of Framings Margarete RUBIK: Frames and Framings in Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair Remigius BUNIA: Framing the End Framing in Film Roy SOMMER: Initial Framings in Film Erik HEDLING: Framing Tolkien: Trailers, High Concept, and the Ring Framing in Music Michael WALTER: Framing and Deframing the Opera: The Overture Walter BERNHART: Narrative Framing in Schumann’s Piano Pieces Notes on Contributors