Metareference across Media: Theory and Case Studies

Dedicated to Walter Bernhart on the Occasion of his Retirement


Volume Editors: Werner Wolf, Katharina Bantleon, and Jeff Thoss
Strange as it may seem, Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote, Marc Forster’s film Stranger than Fiction, Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pere Borrell del Caso’s painting “Escaping Criticism” reproduced on the cover of the present volume and Mozart’s sextet “A Musical Joke” all share one common feature: they include a meta-dimension. Metaization – the movement from a first cognitive, referential or communicative level to a higher one on which first-level phenomena self-reflexively become objects of reflection, reference and communication in their own right – is in fact a common feature not only of human thought and language but also of the arts and media in general. However, research into this issue has so far predominantly focussed on literature, where a highly differentiated, albeit strictly monomedial critical toolbox exists.
Metareference across Media remedies this onesidedness and closes the gap between literature and other media by providing a transmedial framework for analysing metaphenomena. The essays transcend the current notion of metafiction, pinpoint examples of metareference in hitherto neglected areas, discuss the capacity for metaization of individual media or genres from a media-comparative perspective, and explore major (historical) forms and functions as well aspects of the development of metaization in cultural history. Stemming from diverse disciplinary and methodological backgrounds, the contributors propose new and refined concepts and models and cover a broad range of media including fiction, drama, poetry, comics, photography, film, computer games, classical as well as popular music, painting, and architecture.
This collection of essays, which also contains a detailed theoretical introduction, will be relevant to students and scholars from a wide variety of fields: intermediality studies, semiotics, literary theory and criticism, musicology, art history, and film studies.

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Werner Wolf: Metareference across Media: The Concept, its Transmedial Potentials and Problems, Main Forms and Functions
Theoretical Aspects of Metareference, Illustrated with Examples from Various Media
Winfried Nöth: Metareference from a Semiotic Perspective
Andreas Mahler: The Case is ‘this’: Metareference in Magritte and Ashbery
Irina O. Rajewsky: Beyond ‘Metanarration’: Form-Based Metareference as a Transgeneric and Transmedial Phenomenon
Sonja Klimek: Metalepsis and Its (Anti-)Illusionist Effects in the Arts, Media and Role-Playing Games
Metareference in Music
Hermann Danuser: Generic Titles: On Paratextual Metareference in Music
Tobias Janz: “Music about Music”: Metaization and Intertextuality in Beethoven’s Prometheus Variations op. 35
René Michaelsen: Exploring Metareference in Instrumental Music – The Case of Robert Schumann
David Francis Urrows: Phantasmic Metareference: The Pastiche ‘Operas’ in Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera
Jörg-Peter Mittmann: Intramedial Reference and Metareference in Contemporary Music
Martin Butler: “Please Play This Song on the Radio”: Forms and Functions of Metareference in Popular Music
Metareference in the Visual Arts
Henry Keazor : “L’architecture n’est pas un art rigoureux”: Jean Nouvel, Postmodernism and Meta-Architecture
Katharina Bantleon, Jasmin Haselsteiner-Scharner: Of Museums, Beholders, Artworks and Photography: Metareferential Elements in Thomas Struth’s Photographic Projects Museum Photographs and Making Time
Metareference in Film/Cinema
Jean-Marc Limoges: The Gradable Effects of Self-Reflexivity on Aesthetic Illusion in Cinema
Barbara Pfeifer: Novel in/and Film: Transgeneric and Transmedial Metareference in Stranger than Fiction
Metareference in Literature
Hans Ulrich Seeber: Narrative Fiction and the Fascination with the New Media Gramophone, Photography and Film: Metafictional and Media-Comparative Aspects of H. G. Wells’ A Modern Utopia and Beryl Bainbridge’s Master Georgie
Daniella Jancsó: Metareference and Intermedial Reference: William Carlos Williams’ Poetological Poems
Metareference in Various Individual Media
Ingrid Pfandl-Buchegger, Gudrun Rottensteiner: Metareferentiality in Early Dance: The Jacobean Antimasque
Karin Kukkonen: Textworlds and Metareference in Comics
Doris Mader: Metareference in the Audio-/Radioliterary Soundscape
Fotis Jannidis: Metareference in Computer Games
Metareference in More than One Medium
Janine Hauthal: When Metadrama Is Turned into Metafilm: A Media-Comparative Approach to Metareference
Andreas Böhn: Quotation of Forms as a Strategy of Metareference
Erika Greber: ‘The Media as Such’: Meta-Reflection in Russian Futurism – A Case Study of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s Poetry, Paintings, Theatre, and Films
Notes on Contributors