Is writing about peace after the Rwandan Genocide self-defeating? Whether it is the intensity of the massacres, the popularity of the genocide, or the imaginary forms of cruelty, however one looks at it, everything in the Rwandan Genocide appears to defy once again the possibility of thinking peace anew. In order to address this problem, this book investigates the work of specific French and Rwandese philosophers in order to renew our understanding of peace today. Through this path-breaking investigation, peace no longer stands for an ideal in the future, but becomes a structure of inter-subjectivity that guarantees that the violence of language always prevails over any other form of violence. This book is the very first monograph in philosophy related to the events of 1994 in Rwanda.
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Biographical Note

Jean-Paul Martinon is Programme Leader of the MPhil-PhD Programme in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has written monographs on a Victorian workhouse ( Swelling Grounds, Rear Window, 1995), the idea of the future in the work of Derrida, Malabou and Nancy ( On Futurity, Palgrave, 2007), the temporal dimension of masculinity ( The End of Man, Punctum, 2013), and the event of knowledge in museums ( The Curatorial: A Philosophy of Curating, Bloomsbury, 2013). In each case, he writes in an attempt to make sense of time: its staging in museums, its advent, its gender, its neglect, the ethics that derive from it, and the way it is used and abused to structure human life.

Table of contents

Acknowledgements Introduction Maternity – Ubuntu Here I am Without God Maternity Ubuntu Filiality A Logical Absurdity Matrix – Akantu Murders Vanquished The Matrix Elect-Risk The Blow Does Not Come Neither Justice Nor Law Material – Ahantu Eyes Face Body Scene Horizon Palaver Maturity – Ahantu God Embodiment Otherwise Present Sacyega & Ngoma History Matrimony – Ubumuntu Side-by-side To-let-be Face-to-face Side-by-side-face-to-face Matrimony Kubana Matter – Ukuntu Writing, Reading What Comes? Here I am What is? Thou Shall Not Kill Kirazira A Hermeneutic Effort Necessity Materiel – Ikintu Stop By the Crater With-Out Distance Vigilance Work Procreation At War, in Love Conclusion Bibliography Index