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Franz Brentano’s impact on the philosophy of his time and on 20th-century philosophy is considerable. The “sharp dialectician” (Freud) and “genial master” (Husserl) influenced philosophers of various allegiances, being acknowledged not only as the “grandfather of phenomenology” (Ryle) but also as an analytic philosopher “in the best sense of this term” (Chisholm). The fourteen new essays gathered together in this volume give an insight in three core issues of Brentano’s philosophy: consciousness (sect.1), intentionality (sect. 2) and ontology and metaphysics (sect. 3). Two further sections of the volume deal with the posterity of his philosophy: in section 4, the legacy of his account of sense perception and feeling is discussed, while the history of Brentano’s unpublished manuscripts is discussed in section 5. This section also presents an edition of a manuscript from 1899 on relations, along with the letters from Brentano to Marty which discuss this manuscript. The last part of section 5 contains the tekst of a public lecture given by Brentano on the laws of inference.

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“I warmly recommend this book. It is an excellent work and one whose time has come…. This book will help both to reduce Brentano’s “invisibility” and advance the much needed rehabilitation of Brentano as one of the great philosophers of the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20thcentury.”
Grazer Philosophische Studien 92 (2015)
Guillaume Fréchette: Introduction: Brentano’s Impact
Consciousness. Brentanian and Neo-Brentanian Perspectives
Denis Fisette: Introduction
Uriah Kriegel: Brentano’s Most Striking Thesis: No Representation Without Self-Representation
Johannes L. Brandl: What is Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness? Brentano’s Theory of Inner Consciousness Revisited
Mark Textor: Unity Without Self: Brentano on the Unity of Consciousness
Varieties of Intentionality
Guillaume Fréchette: Introduction
Guillaume Fréchette: Brentano’s Thesis (Revisited)
Arkadiusz Chrudzimski: Brentano and Aristotle on the Ontology of Intentionality
Laurent Cesalli: Anton Marty’s Intentionalist Theory of Meaning
Matjaž Potrč: Phenomenology of Intentionality
Ontology and Metaphysics
Guillaume Fréchette: Introduction
Werner Sauer: Being as the True: From Aristotle to Brentano
Wilhelm Baumgartner: Franz Brentano’s Mereology
Susan Gabriel: Brentano at the Intersection of Psychology, Ontology, and the Good
Critics and Heirs. The School of Brentano
Denis Fisette: Introduction
Denis Fisette: Mixed Feelings. Carl Stumpf’s Criticism of James and Brentano on Emotions
Olivier Massin: The Intentionality of Pleasures and Other Feelings. A Brentanian Approach
Riccardo Martinelli: Brentano and Stumpf on Tonal Fusion
Expositions and Discussions. Selected Materials and Translations
Denis Fisette: Introduction
Thomas Binder: There and Back Again. An Updated History of Franz Brentano’s Unpublished Papers
Franz Brentano: Abstraction and Relation, followed by Selected Letters to Marty
Franz Brentano: Modern Errors concerning the Knowledge of the Laws of Inference
Franz Brentano: Moderne Irrthümer über die Erkenntnis der Gesetze des Schließens
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