Landscape and Text


While the relationship between place and creative effort has been the focus of pronounced new interest in various disciplines, the contours and co-ordinates of the process by which one informs the other, by which landscape shapes text and vice versa, have yet to be delineated in any systematic fashion. This volume sheds light on that process, investigating the ways in which it is both reciprocal and interstitial: how does text shape our perception of landscape as much as it is shaped by it, and how do we account for the points at which text and landscape intersect? The first part of the volume introduces us to the question of process in landscape and literary studies; the second part examines the moments within the process by which landscape and text come to bear upon each other; and the final part deals with the relationship between the material experience of landscape and the formal characteristics of a given text, using this to reflect back on the processes of landscape perception and creativity. This volume spans the disciplines of geography, literary studies, and the visual arts. It also brings together scholarly and creative perspectives, interspersing academic commentary with poetic-photographic essays.

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Stephen Daniels: Foreword
Notes on Contributors
Catherine Brace and Adeline Johns-Putra: Introduction
Catherine Brace and Adeline Johns-Putra: The Importance of Process
John Wylie: Writing through Landscape
Richard Kerridge: Environmental Fiction and Narrative Openness
Roger Ebbatson: The Spiritual Geography of Edward Thomas
Frank Gohlke and Herbert Gottfried: 42.30 N
Jacob Bull and Michael Leyshon: Writing the Moment: Landscape and the Memory-Image
Iain Biggs: Essaying Place: Landscape, Music, and Memory (after Janet Wolff)
joni m palmer: The Forest for the Trees: Fieldbooks as Sites of Change: Reading and Writing ‘Cities in the 21st Century’
Sylvie Crinquand: Epistolary Sketches: Landscapes in a Few Letters by Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats
Jolie B. Kaytes: Dirty Words
Sophie Anne Edwards: La Cloche, Northeastern Ontario: Liminal Passages
Christine Berberich: Writing England, Finding the Self: Jonathan Raban and the Travelogue as Identity Tool
Pamela Banting: Geography as Intertext: Toward a Non-representational Reading of Thomas Wharton’s Novel Icefields
Kym Martindale: She Do the River in Different Voices: Lyric Democracies in Alice Oswald’s Dart
Sherry Booth: Landscape, Metaphor and Biology: Rethinking Women and Nature