No Maps for These Territories

Cities, Spaces, and Archaeologies of the Future in William Gibson

Author: Karin Hoepker
No Maps for These Territories offers an archaeology of seemingly tried and trusted concepts: cartography, architecture, urban space. While rethinking Michel Foucault’s theories, Karin Hoepker reconstructs the cartographic dispositives of spatial order. The futuristic fictional cityscapes of science fiction writer William Gibson are the touchstone for this epistemological analysis and typology of spatial formations. In seven probing chapters that focus on architectural blueprints, forms of inhabitation, Wunderkammern, and economic formations of retail, consumption, and entertainment such as shopping malls, amusement parks, and gambling meccas, Hoepker investigates a set of exemplary phenomena crucial to the fields of architecture, geography, philosophy, cartography, history of science, literary studies, and the arts. No Maps for These Territories thus offers close readings of fictional, philosophical, and theoretical texts, and examines instructive examples of the workings of spatial production. In a form of contrastive writing, the monograph sheds critical light on theoretical and fictional texts equally.

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Introduction: New Cartographies – New Cartographers?
A Short Introduction to Science Fiction since the 1980s: Contextualizing William Gibson
Sprawl Space
Junk Art – Towards a spatial poetics
Space and Habitation: Century City II – City within a City
Replascape – Urban Nature and Artificial Landscaping
The Malling of Space
Conclusion: Pattern Recognition and the End of the Future
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