Placing Poetry


The essays in this volume present a thorough re-evaluation of the idea of place for the twenty-first century, linking across theoretical interests in space and spatialisation and in motion and mobility. ‘Placing’ becomes an active process that happens in different parts of the world, and there is work here from the countries of the United Kingdom, from Ireland, the USA, Australia and mainland Europe. Placing also happens in different contexts, in the production of visual images, in translation, in performance and in poetry that is both ‘there’ and ‘here’. The range of poets under consideration matches the breadth of the range of the contributors. International in scope, and drawn from a variety of practices and processes, their combination in a single volume leads to unusual connections and new readings of their work.

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Winner of the M. Wynn Thomas Prize in the Open Category: Dr Matt Jarvis with his paper "In/Human Place: The poetry of John Barnie" – IJWWE.

"This year's M. Wynn Thomas Prize winner in the Open Category is Dr Matt Jarvis with his paper 'In/Human Place: The poetry of John Barnie'." – IJWWE and the proud reaction of the winner
Notes on Contributors
Ian Davidson: Introduction
Peter Barry: Just Looking
Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese: Placing the Poem in Translation
Alice Entwistle: Taking Place: Deixis, Collaboration and the Gender Politics of the Aesthetic
Zoë Skoulding: Lisa Samuels: Unknown Cities
Harriet Tarlo: Open Field: Reading Field as Place and Poetics
Matthew Jarvis: In/human Place: The Poetry of John Barnie
John Kinsella: The Movements of Yellow-Rumped Thornbills: Twittering Machines
Nerys Williams: Lyric Encounters with Other Places: Juliana Spahr’s this connection of everyone with lungs and Robert Minhinnick’s ‘An Isotope dreaming’
Kaia Sand: Affording Entrance
Jules Boykoff: Poets as Experimental Geographers: Mark Nowak, Kaia Sand and the Re-composition of Political-Historical Space
John Wrighton: Ethnopoetics and the Performativity of Place: Jerome Rothenberg and ‘That Dada Strain’
Carol Watts: Zeta Landscape: Poetry, Place, Pastoral
List of Illustrations