Constellations of the Transnational

Modernity, Culture, Critique


In the wake of proliferating discourses around globalisation and culture, some central questions around cultural politics have acquired a commonsensical and hegemonic character in contemporary intellectual discourse. The politics of difference, the possibilities of hybridity and the potential of multiple liminalities frame much discussion around the transnational dimensions of culture and post-identity politics. In this volume, the economic, political and social consequences of the focus on ‘culture’ in contemporary theories of globalization are analysed around the disparate fields of architecture, museum discourse, satellite television, dub poetry, carnival and sub-national theatre. The discourses of hybridity, diaspora, cultural difference minoritization are critically interrogated and engaged with through close analysis of cultural objects and practices. The essays thus intervene in the debate around modernity, globalization and cultural politics, and the volume as a whole provides a critical constellation through which the complexity of transnational culture can be framed. Thinking through the particular, the essays limn the absent universality of forms of capitalist globalization and the volume as a whole provides multiple perspectives from which to enter the singular modernity of our times in all its complexity.
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Biographical Note

Sudeep Dasgupta is Assistant Professor at the Department of Media and Culture, University of Amsterdam. His research at present focuses on postcolonial theory, media studies, the Frankfurt School and the politics of modernism. He has published on globalization and cultural identity, television and the auratic politics of Hindu nationalism, and sexuality and multiculturalism.

Review Quotes

”In principle, it ought to be possible to construct the model of totality (and a totality that is itself a processi) by beginning with any feature and eventually working our way through and around to all the others in a trajectory different from all the other possible ones and yet somehow still the same, or at least projecting and marking the contours of the same complex unrepresentable phenomenon.” – Fredric Jameson, in: A Singular Modernity: Essays on the Ontology of the Present

Table of contents

Sudeep DASGUPTA: Cultural Constellations, Critique and Modernity: An Introduction
Joseph PUGLIESE: Diasporic Architecture, Whiteness and the Identity Politics of Space: In the Footsteps of the Italian Forum
Cornelia GRÄBNER: Here to Stay: The Performance of Accents in the work of Linton Kwesi Johnson and Lemn Sissay
Esther PEEREN; Carnival Politics and the Territory of the Streets
Deborah NOEL KAPLAN: Shadow Republic: The Concept of Place in the Patriot Movement Discourse
Olga GERSHONSON: Politics of Identity and Critical Judgement: Gesher Theater in Israel
Bianca KAI ISAKI: Where in the World? Cultural Geopolitics of East/West Identities
Sudeep DASGUPTA: Whither Culture? Globalization, Media and the Promises of Cultural Studies
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