Volume Editor: Eugene Chen Eoyang
Divided into four sections: Asian-Western Intersections, Intercultural Memory, Intercultural Perspectives on Women, Genre Studies, and The Intercultural Arts, these essays from diverse hands and multiple perspectives illuminate the intersections, the cross-sections, and the synergies that characterize significant literary texts and artistic productions. Individually, they exemplify the insights available in an intercultural perspective; together they remind us that no culture - even those that claim to be pure or those that might be regarded as isolated - has escaped the influence of external influences. As a result, this volume is doubly synergistic: one, because it focuses on intercultural phenomena within a specific culture, and two, because they represent multiple perspectives on these phenomena.

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Asian-Western Intersections
Uchang KIM: Asian Subjectivity and Multiculturalism
Sumie JONES: Making the Most of the Breach in the Dike: Accommodations of Cultural Studies to East Asian Comparative Literature
Manfred MACKENZIE: The Post-Structural Critique of Nationalism
Tania FRANCO CARVALHAL: Les images retenues: Sur le rôle des traductions dans les études interculturelles
András HORN: Literary Aesthetics East and West: Some Comparable Traits
Sébastien JOACHIM: Schizoïdie et dialogue dans les fictions inter-ethniques et “inter-genres”
Intercultural Memory
Hitoshi OSHIMA: L’image des Occidentaux dans la littérature japonaise moderne
Aiko OKAMOTO MacPHAIL: Japonism in Art: The Case of James McNeil Whistler
Ila GOODY: “Fin de siècle, Fin du globe”: Intercultural Chronotopes of Memory and Apocalypse in the Fictions of Murakami Haruki and Kazuo Ishiguro
Choi PARK-KWANG: Hongmo (Red Hair, the Netherlands) in Korean Literature
Michael CHAPMAN: Cultural Memory in Literary History: The Case of a ‘New’ South Africa
Intercultural Perspectives on Women
Yuzo OTA: The European Experience of Japanese Women: Kamiya Miyeko, Yuasa Toshiko and Inukai Michiko
Shmuel MOREH: Arab Writers and Women’s Liberation: Between Neoclassical and Romantic
Naoko SUGIYAMA: Girl’s Subculture and Japanese Literary Tradition
Kyeong-Hee CHOI: Where Has the Namnyōyubōl Gone? – Namnyōyubōl, (de-)gendering and ‘modern Korean literature’
Genre Studies
Chu CHONG-YON: The Possibility of Heroic Epic in Korean Classic Literature
Xiaomei CHEN: Staging Tiananmen: From Street Theatre to the “Theatre of the Street”. A Case of Cultural Studies from a Non-Western Perspective
Kotajima YOSUKE: Soshibun – A Traditional Literary Concept in East Asia
A.V. LIMAN: A Modern Text as Shamanistic Performance: Orikuchi’s Shisha no sho (Book of the Dead)
Zhang JING: Translations and Cultural Identity – Strategy of “Translation” in “AKI-NO-TAKI”
J. Scott MILLER: Alternative Memory: The Literary Appropriation of Japanese Oral Storytelling
Maria Jesus De PRADA VICENTE: La retrouvaille ou la renovation de la tradition littéraire chez Kawabata Yasunari
The Intercultural Arts
Jun’ichiro TAKACHI: Transfiguration of the Madonna, the Moon and the Tree of Life – Van Gogh, Saigyo, da Vinci, Dante and Munch
Alberto CAPRIOLI: La réception occidentale de la culture de l’Asie de l’Est dans le miroir des rapports de musique, littérature et arts visuels entre les deux fins de siècle