Signs of Change

Transformations of Christian Traditions and their Representation in the Arts, 1000–2000


Signs of Change: Transformations of Christian Traditions and their Representation in the Arts, 1000–2000 focuses on the changing relationships between what gradually emerged as the Arts and Christianity, the latter term covering both a stream of ideas and its institutions. The book as a whole is addressed to a general academic audience concerned with issues of cultural history, while the individual essays are also intended as scholarly contributions within their own fields. A collaborative effort by twenty-five European and American scholars representing disciplines ranging from aesthetics to the history of art and architecture, from literature, music and the theatre to classics, church history, and theology, the volume is an interdisciplinary study of intermedial phenomena, generally in larger cultural and intellectual contexts. The focus of topics extends from single concrete objects to sets of abstract concepts and values, and from a single moment in time to an entire millennium. While Signs of Change acknowledges the importance of synthesizing efforts essential to hermeneutically informed scholarship, in order to counterbalance generalized historical narratives with detailed investigations, broad accounts are juxtaposed with specialized research projects. The deliberately unchronological grouping of contributions underlines the effort to further discussion about methodologies for writing cultural history.


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Table of contents

List of Plates Preface Nils Holger Petersen: INTRODUCTION: Transformations of Christian Traditions and their Representation in the Arts, 1000-2000 SECTION ONE Anthony Johnson: Introduction Ananya Jahanara Kabir: Towards a Contra-Modern Aesthetics: Reading the Old English Andreas Against an Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe Anthony Johnson: Levity and Gravity: Ben Jonson and the Crisis of the Image Claus Clüver: Schoenberg’s Play of the Artist﷓Saviour and the Calderonian auto sacramental SECTION TWO Claus Clüver: Introduction Marica S. Tacconi: The Service﷓Books of the Cathedral of Florence: From Local Liturgical Specificity to Civic Identity Nicoletta Isar: The Broken Image. Of Splits and Cuttings: Modern Representation and its Beginnings Hugo Johannsen: The Protestant Palace Chapel: Monument to Evangelical Religion and Sacred Rulership SECTION THREE Kristin Rygg: Introduction Andreas Bücker: Christianizing the Arts: From Augustine's De ordine to Carolingian Thought Bernhard F. Scholz: Re-editing the Book of Nature: Observations on a Nineteenth Century Attempt at Modernizing a Seventeenth Century Book of Emblems Magnar Breivik: A Twentieth Century musica instrumentalis: Boethius and Augustine in the Musical Thought of Paul Hindemith SECTION FOUR Robert A. Davis: Introduction Jens Fleischer: Pre﷓Romanesque Church Walls and their “Language” Eyolf Østrem: “The Ineffable”: Affinities between Christian and Secular Concepts of Art Siglind Bruhn: Mythopoesis and Musical Genre in Bohuslav Martinu’s Greek Passion SECTION FIVE Nicolas Bell and Andreas Bücker: Introduction Susan Boynton: From the Lament of Rachel to the Lament of Mary: A Transformation in the History of Drama and Spirituality Columbia University Gunilla Iversen: Fictiones or figurata ornamenta? On the Concept of “Poetry” in the Period of Transition from a Monastic to a Scholastic Culture Nicolas Bell: Signs of Change from ars antiqua to ars nova in Polyphonic Music of the Early Fourteenth Century Bernhard Ridderbos and Hans Bloemsma: Gates to Heaven, Gates to the Soul SECTION SIX Jeremy Llewellyn: Introduction Volker Schier and Corine Schleif: Seeing and Singing, Touching and Tasting the Holy Lance: The Power and Politics of Embodied Religious Experiences in Nuremberg, 1424-1524 Nils Holger Petersen and Heinrich W. Schwab: The Devotional Genre of the Hymn Around 1800: The Hallelujah of Creation Stephanie A. Glaser: Of Revolutions, Republics and Spires: Nineteenth﷓Century France and the Gothic Cathedral FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Abstracts Contributors