Research on mother tongue education in a comparative international perspective

Theoretical and methodological issues


Pioneering in the comparison of standard language teaching in Europe, the International Mother tongue Education Network (IMEN) in the last twenty-five years stimulated experts from more than fifteen European countries to participate in a range of research projects in this field of qualitative educational analyses. The volume “Research on mother tongue education in a comparative international perspective – Theoretical and methodological issues” documents theoretical principals and methodological developments that during the last decades shaped IMEN research and may enlarge the fundaments of comparative qualitative research in language education in a seminal way. The topics of this volume include:
• IMEN’s aims, points of departure, history and methodology;
• research on the professional practical knowledge of MTE-teachers;
• innovation, key incident analysis and international triangulation;
• positioning in theory and practice.
Also included: the IMEN bibliography 1984-2004 which supplies a complete picture of IMEN research activities from the beginning.

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Wolfgang HERRLITZ, Sigmund ONGSTAD, Piet-Hein van de VEN: Introduction
Wolfgang HERRLITZ & Piet-Hein van de VEN: Comparative research on Mother tongue education: IMEN’s aims, points of departure, history and methodology.
Wolfgang HERRLITZ: Tops of icebergs. Remarks on a comparative analysis of metonymy structures in standard language education
Vibeke HETMAR: Observation, innovation and triangulation
Sjaak KROON & Jan STURM: International comparative case study research in education: Key incident analysis and international triangulation
Sigmund ONGSTAD: Positioning in theory. A methodological framework for MTE-studies and beyond.
Sigmund ONGSTAD: Research on and in classrooms. Communicative and methodological perspectives on MTE-lessons as embodied. Trends and tendencies in classroom research.
Sigmund ONGSTAD: Positioning in/of practice. On communication and validation
Jon SMIDT: Positioning, responsibility, and relevance in MTE research
Piet-Hein van de VEN: Understanding mother tongue education from a historical(-comparative) perspective
Sjaak KROON: IMEN Bibliography 1984-2004
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