The New Science of Axiological Psychology


Editor: Rem B. Edwards
This book uses scientific validity measures to create empirical value science and a normative new science of axiological psychology by integrating cognitive psychology with Robert S. Hartman’s formal theory of axiological science. It reveals a scientific way to identify and rank human values, achieving values appreciation, values clarification, and values measurement for the twenty first century.


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Table of contents

Rem B. EDWARDS: Editorial Foreword Preface ONE Introduction TWO Value Science and Valuemetrics THREE Validating the Hartman Value Profile FOUR HVP Construct Validity and Reliability FIVE Orthogonality of HVP – DIM% SIX HVP Discriminant Validity SEVEN HVP Concurrent Validity: Part I EIGHT HVP Concurrent Validity: Part II NINE Highest (p < .000) HVP Correlations with MMPI, CII, CMI, and PBI Criterion Measures TEN HVP Concurrent Validity: Cattell Primary Scales ELEVEN Reconsidering MMPI – HVP Correlations TWELVE Reconsidering Cattell Scales THIRTEEN Biomedical Validity FOURTEEN Axiological Patterns of U.S.A. Professional High Achievers FIFTEEN Interpreting Key HVP Scales SIXTEEN Introducing Cross-National Axiology SEVENTEEN More Cross-National Axiological Patterns from Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, U.S.A. Works Cited About the Author Index

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