Identity and Social Transformation

The Central European Pragmatist Forum, Volume Five


Editors: John Ryder and Radim Šíp
This book is the fifth volume of selected papers from the Central European Pragmatist Forum (CEPF). The CEPF was founded in 2000 to provide an opportunity for American and European specialists in American philosophy to share their work with one another and to develop an understanding of the contemporary applications of the American philosophical traditions. The current volume deals with the general questions of identity and social transformation. Papers are organized into sections on the Transformation of Pragmatism, Metatheoretical conditions for Identity Transformation, the Fluidity of Identity, Transforming Self, Transforming Society, Art and Transformation, Richard Rorty on the Transformation of Society and Self, and Pragmatism and Central Europe. The authors are among the leading specialists in American philosophy from universities across the US and in Central and Eastern Europe. In their papers the authors address a range of topics, including comparative analyses of American philosophical figures with prominent representatives of other philosophical traditions, contemporary issues in ethics, aesthetics and social philosophy, unresolved problems in American philosophy, and issues of contemporary policy. All papers deal in one way or another with the general theme of identity and transformation, individual and social.

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Vincent Colapietro: Foreword
John Ryder and Radim Šíp: Preface
The Transformation of Pragmatism
† Michael Eldridge: Pragmatism, Agency and Power: Identity Politics as a Model for Pragmatism?
Metatheoretical Conditions for Identity Transformation
Juan Carlos Mougán Rivero: Moral Virtues and Social Transformation
Kathleen Wallace: Moral Transformation
Sami Pihlström: The Metaphysics and Ethics of the Self: Personal Identity Pragmatically Reconsidered
Donald Morse: Pragmatism and Personal Identity
The Fluidity of Identity
Marjorie C. Miller: Who am I? And Who are We? Deweyans and Confucians on Identity
Scott L. Pratt: Border Agents and Boundary Identities
Charlene Haddock Seigfried: Relating Identity and Diversity
Transforming Self, Transforming Society
Anthony Graybosch: No Station and No Duties: Thoreau
James Campbell: We Are What We Believe: Social Transformation and Individual Transformation
Igor Hanzel: Dewey’s Logic: Theory of Inquiry – Modernization and Transformation
Jane Skinner: A Deweyan Approach to Economics and Politics: A Key to International Social Transformation?
Larry A. Hickman: Representative Democracy, Participatory Democracy, and the Trajectory of Social Transformation
Art and Transformation
Armen T. Marsoobian: Memorial Art, Modernity, and Identity: How Do We Memorialize Genocide?
Richard E. Hart: The Will to Believe and Resistance to Occupation: Is the Moon Down
Richard Rorty on the Transformation of Society and Self
Alexander Kremer: “Take Care of Freedom, and Truth Takes Care of Itself” – Rorty on Society and Identity
Miklós Nyírő: Rorty on Politics, Identity, and Transformation
Wojciech Małecki: The Unforced Flowers of Life? Richard Rorty on Religion and Literature
Pragmatism and Central Europe
Marilyn Fischer: Tomáš Masaryk and Jane Addams on Humanitarianism and Cultural Reciprocity
Radim Šíp: Nationalism and Central Europe
Emil Višňovský: Pragmatist Reflections on Socio-Cultural Transformation
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