Beyond Aesthetics and Politics

Philosophical and Axiological Studies on the Avant-Garde, Pragmatism, and Postmodernism


The book presents five philosophical and axiological studies devoted to the relationship between aesthetics and politics. It shows this relationship throughout the works of some avant-gardists, pragmatists, and postmodernists. It is also a voice in the discussion about the meaning of the fine arts and aesthetics in the context of the political aims and norms. This voice claims that the political dimension of art and aesthetics should be studied much more seriously than it has been till today, and needs more courageous re-interpretations and re-readings.
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Table of contents

Santayana and the Avant-garde: Visual Arts in the Context of Democracy, Norms, Liberty, and Social Progress
Style as the Tool of Tyranny in Gombrowicz: An Avant-gardist as a Forerunner of Postmodernism
Facial Images as a Way for the Articulation of Values in the Avant-garde’s Aesthetics of Deformation. Another Prelude to Postmodernism
The Interrelation between Politics and Aesthetics in Classic American Pragmatism: Democracy and Aesthetic experience in William James
Aesthetic Persuasion and Political Compulsion: Literary Philosophy in Light of Richard Rorty’s Ideas of Democratic Liberalism and Cultural Politics
Final Remarks
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