Lives in the Balance

Perspectives on Global Injustice and Inequality


Editors: Lauderdale and Amster
We find ourselves in a world that reflects a tension between the totalizing discourses of global corporate capitalism and representative democracy on the one hand, and the contingent, fragmentary nature of post-colonial life on the other. How (indeed, whether) this dialectic will be reconciled in the new millennium is not merely a question for academic consideration, but has real implications for the lives of people in the 'developing' world who are caught at the interstices of these conflicting forces. What a comparative, critical sociological perspective can provide is a window into the souls of people struggling for self-determination, equality, and justice. It is in this spirit that we present this work focusing on the study of injustice and inequality in the world system.

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Pat Lauderdale, Ph.D. (1980) in Sociology, Stanford University, is a Professor in the School of Justice Studies and is Director of the Justice Studies, Law and Social Sciences Ph.D./J.D. Program at Arizona State University. His recent works includes The Struggle for Control, with Michael Cruit; comparative articles on indigenous jurisprudence; and a revision of Law and Society with James Inverarity. Randall Amster, J.D. (1991), Brooklyn Law School, is a Doctoral student in the School of Justice Studies, Law and the Social Sciences, at Arizona State University. He was formerly the Associate Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Law Review, in which he published an article analyzing the culpability standard in federal civil rights legislation. His present research interests focus on anarchism, ecology, and resistance.
Those interested in global analyses of injustice and inequality issues surrounding the discourses of marginalized peoples, resistance movements, terrorism, indigenous practices, and the problematics of race, gender, and class.