Vorstelijke humor

Drie kluchten uit het klassieke India

This book contains three Sanskrit burlesques, translated into Dutch. These burlesques, dating from between the 4th and 7th centuries AD. form a part of Sanskrit literature hitherto unfamiliar to the West.
In the Saint and the whore, the souls of a pedantic ascetic and a charming Courtesan are exchanged, with all its consequences. The Antics of a drunk deals with some mendicants, fighting over a begging bowl. In The Kick, a Braham demands satisfaction for an insult inflicted upon him by a Courtesan. In the latter burlesque, a striking drama form is shown: all roles are played by one author only.

Biographical Note

Herman Tieken and Godard Schokker are both employed by the University of Leiden, Schokker as Professor of Hindi at the Kern Institute, Tieken as policymaker at the administrative department.


Dutch-speaking students/scholars of Sanskrit literature.

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