Explorations of Value


Editor: Thomas Magnell
The essays in Explorations of Value are drawn from work first presented at the 20th Conference of Value Inquiry. They are not mere records of conference presentations. The authors have reflected on their initial presentations. They have re-thought arguments in light of discussions at the conference. They have revised their work. All of this has combined to bring fresh ideas on important issues into carefully considered discussions. The nineteen authors of the essays do not share a common viewpoint on all problems of value inquiry. They are certainly not in agreement in their conclusions. Their concerns, however, cluster around a recognizable body of questions. Several of the authors raise fundamental questions on the nature of values and the possibility of giving them an objective status. Some of the authors raise questions about where value inquiry becomes value advocacy. They are also ready to ask whether or not advocacy is in the legitimate purview of philosophers. A number of authors set out to examine conditions of moral practice and of harming or benefiting people in general. Other authors show a concern for juxtaposing moral values and aesthetic values, in some cases to observe similarities, in some, differences. Finally, a few authors focus on particular notions such as forgiveness, intimacy, and love that are central to our lives.
Review Quotes
”a worthwhile contribution to our understanding of values.” in: Ethics - January 1999
Table of contents
Thomas MAGNELL: Introduction. Thomas MAGNELL: The Value of Value Inquiry for Moral Philosophy. Joseph MARGOLIS: Moral Philosophy in Four Tiers. Don E. MARIETTA JR.: Objectivity: Wrong Concept for Value Inquiry. James B. WILBUR III: Towards a Metaphysics of Practice. Carlo FILICE: On Intrinsic and Quasi-Intrinsic Value. James S. KELLY: The Postmodern Turn: Plurality of Voice or Cacophony? Tom REGAN: The Business of the Ethical Philosopher. William AIKEN: The Risks of Advocacy. Robert K. FULLINWIDER: Philosophers and Advocates. Roger PADEN: The Lost Childhood of Homo Economicus. Jonathan JACOBS: Elements of a Naturalistic Realism in Ethics. Joram GRAF HABER: The Value of Human Life: An Absolutist Strategy for Attacking Consequentialism. Julian LAMONT: On Benefiting People by Creating Them. Uma NARAYAN: Forgiveness, Moral Reassessment, and Reconciliation. Robert GINSBERG: The Photograph on My Mind. Sander LEE: The Screaming of the Lambs: Philosophical Themes in Demme's Silence of the Lambs. H.P.P. (HENNIE) LÖTTER: Let's Dance with Wolves! Joseph KUPFER: What Is Wrong with Prostitution? Predrag CICOVACKI: Can Love Resolve the Problem of Marriage? Index.
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