Values, Violence, and Our Future


This book identifies the character of human predators who violate others or themselves. The contagion of violence infects values that affect behavior. But we may call upon the intrinsic values of love, compassion, and creativity to oppose such violence. The book boldly argues for a renewal of the spiritual energy that gave rise to civilization.


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Table of contents

Rem B. EDWARDS: Editorial Foreword ONE Distinguishing Good from Evil TWO Pop-Culture: Marketing Violence Globally THREE The Absence of Humility and Its Affect on Character FOUR Enlightened Egoists as Careful Users FIVE Hypersensitivity to Criticism: A Symptom of Violence SIX Control Is Power SEVEN Who Are More Violent: Men or Women? EIGHT Intrinsic Value and Love as Amor NINE In Touch with Eternity TEN Experiencing Interconnectedness ELEVEN Our Future: A New Millennium Notes Bibliography About the Author Index