Word and Music Studies

Essays on Music and the Spoken Word and on Surveying the Field


The nine interdisciplinary essays in this volume were presented in 2003 in Berlin at the Fourth International Conference on Word and Music Studies, which was sponsored by The International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMA). The nine articles in this volume cover two areas: “Surveying the Field” and “Music and the Spoken Word”. Topics include postmodernism, philosophy, German literary modernism, opera, film, the Lied, radio plays, and “verbal counterpoint”. They cover the works of such philosophers, critics, literary figures, and composers as Argento, Beckett, Deleuze, Guattari, Feldman, Glenn Gould, Nietzsche, Schubert, Strauss, Wagner, and Wolfram. Three films are discussed: Casablanca, The Fisher King, and Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould.


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Table of contents

Suzanne M. LODATO: Introduction Surveying the Field Eric PRIETO: Deleuze, Music, and Modernist Mimesis David L. MOSLEY: Listening to Parsifal. Premodern Romance, Modern Music Drama, Postmodern Film Michael HALLIWELL: ‘Opera about Opera’. Self-Referentiality in Opera with Particular Reference to Dominck Argento’s The Aspern Papers Jürgen THYM: Schubert’s Strategies in Setting Free Verse Suzanne M. LODATO: False Assumptions. Richard Strauss’s Lieder and Text/Music Analysis. Music and the Spoken Word Lawrence KRAMER: Speaking Melody, Melodic Speech Werner WOLF: Language and/or Music as Man’s ‘Comfort’? Beckett’s Metamedial Allegory Words and Music Stephen BENSON: Beckett, Feldman, Joe and Bob: Speaking of Music in Words and Music Deborah WEAGEL: Musical and Verbal Counterpoint in Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould Notes on the Contributors

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