Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union


The areas of media and cultural policy offer a unique prism through which to understand wider processes of European integration. Questions of European identity, citizenship and community or polity-building clearly resolve themselves as questions of the (non-)emergence of a European ‘communicative space’. At the same time, as a more specific area of policy study, the role which has or may be played by the European institutions themselves in the fostering of such a ‘communicative space’ raises questions as to both the effectiveness and the legitimacy of their interventions. This volume in the European Studies series brings fresh, interdisciplinary insight into this relatively understudied area, making the case for a renewed look at the trajectory of cultural and media policies in the EU.
Distinctively, the collection offers a historical and socio-political analysis of major media policies in the European Union, allowing for the contextualisation of recent developments; turns its attention to areas largely neglected by scholarly publishing, such as the press, the culture of the newsroom, and the role of media in an enlarged Europe; and addresses media and cultural policies as an interrelated part of EU construction, through questions of identity and political representation.
Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union will be of interest to scholars and students of Cultural and Media Studies, European Studies, and European Integration, as well as appealing to broader Social Science audiences concerned with the politics and policy of cultural diversity.
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Table of contents

Katharine SARIKAKIS: The Place of Media and Cultural Policy in the EU
Caroline PAUWELS, Sophie De VINCK and Ben van ROMPUY: Can State Aid in the Film Sector Stand the Proof of EU and WTO Liberalisation Efforts?
Elisabeth DUMONT and Jacques TELLER: Cultural Diversity and Subsidiarity: The Case of Cultural Tourism in the European Union
Katharine SARIKAKIS: Mediating Social Cohesion: Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union and Canada
Peter HUMPHREYS: The EU, Communications Liberalisation and the Future of Public Service Broadcasting
Hedwig de SMAELE: More Europe: More Unity, More Diversity? The Enlargement of the European Audiovisual Space
Gillian DOYLE: Undermining Media Diversity: Inaction on Media Concentrations and Pluralism in the EU
Liza TSALIKI: The Construction of European Identity and Citizenship Through Cultural Policy
David HUTCHISON: The EU and the Press: Policy or Non-Policy?
Sonja KRETZSCHMAR: Diverse Journalists in a Diverse Europe? Impulses for a Discussion on Media and Integration
Mark WHEELER: Whither Cultural Diversity: The European Union’s Market Vision for the Review of Television Without Frontiers Directive

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