German-speaking Exiles in the Performing Arts in Britain after 1933


This volume focuses on the contribution of German-speaking refugees from Nazism to the performing arts in Britain, evaluating their role in broadcasting, theatre, film and dance from 1933 to the present. It contains essays evaluating the role of refugee artists in the BBC German Service, including the actor Martin Miller, the writer Bruno Adler and the journalist Edmund Wolf. Miller also made a career in the English theatre transcending the barrier of language, as did the actor Gerhard Hinze, whose transition to the English stage is an instructive example of adaptation to a new theatre culture. In film, language problems were mitigated by the technical possibilities of the medium, although stars like Anton Walbrook received coaching in English. Certainly, technicians from Central Europe, like the cameraman Wolf Suschitzky, helped establish the character of British film in the 1950s and 1960s. In dance theatre, language played little role, facilitating the influence in Britain of dance practitioners like Kurt Jooss and Sigurd Leeder. Finally, evaluating the reverse influence of émigrés on Germany, two essays discuss Erich Fried’s translations of Shakespeare and Peter Zadek’s early theatre career in Germany.

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List of Illustrations
Charmian Brinson: The Go-Between. Martin Miller’s Career in Broadcasting
Jennifer Taylor: Is there Life after Kurt und Willi? Bruno Adler’s anti-Soviet Radio Series Zwei Genossen
Ursula Seeber und Barbara Weidle: ‘England but not mine.’ Großbritannien im journalistischen Schaffen von Edmund Wolf
Richard Dove: Gerhard Hinze or Gerard Heinz? A Life in two Acts
Marian Malet: Litz Pisk, Dance and Theatre
Manya Elrick: ‘Möglichst nah am Original.’ Erich Fried, Poet, Translator and would-be Performer
Anna Nyburg: Margarete Berger Hamerschlag and the Theatre. Vienna, Rome, London
Günther Rühle: Vom Englischen ins Deutsche. Peter Zadeks Weg ins deutsche Theater
Anthony Grenville: Lutz Weltmann, Theatre Critic and Cultural Mediator in the AJR Information
Thomas Kampe: The Choreographer Hilde Holger. Between Three Worlds
Clare Lidbury: Kurt Jooss and Sigurd Leeder. Refugees, Battle and Aftermath
Christian Cargnelli: ‘Just part of my Continental charm.’ Anton Walbrooks Filmkarriere im britischen Exil
Brigitte Mayr and Michael Omasta: A Lucky Man. Wolf Suschitzky – Photographer and Cameraman
Wilfried Weinke: ‘...den Menschen und den Sachen auf den Grund zu kommen.’ Zu Leben und Werk von Jens Brüning