German-Speaking Exiles in Great Britain


The Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies was founded in 1995, basing itself at the Institute of Germanic Studies of the University of London. Professor J.M. Ritchie became Chairman of the Research Centre, whose members are Dr Charmian Brinson, Professor Richard Dove, Dr Marian Malet, Dr Jennifer Taylor and Professor Ian Wallace, with Dr Anthony Grenville as Honorary Secretary. The aim of the Research Centre is to promote research in the field of German-speaking exiles in Great Britain. To this end it organises conferences and publishes their proceedings, holds research seminars, and publishes its own Yearbook. Its members cooperate in the writing of scholarly studies, including a book about the German-speaking refugees from Hitler in Britain, Home from Home?, and a study of the Austrian Centre in London, 1939-47. Though the Research Centre has primarily concerned itself with the German-speaking refugees from Nazism in Britain, it aims to extend its scope to include German-speaking exiles of other periods and comparable groups such as the Czech refugees from Hitler or Italian anti-Fascists. Given its location near the heart of the principal centre of settlement of the refugees from Germany, the Research Centre readily provides advice and useful contacts to scholars and postgraduates working in the field.


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Table of contents

Ulrike Walton-Jordan, ‘Safeguards against Tyranny: The Impact of German Émigré Lawyers on British Legal Policy towards Germany, 1942-1946’ Stefan Wolff, ‘Frederick Lindemanns Rolle bei der Emigration der aus Deutschland vertriebenen Physiker’ Kay Schiller, ‘The Refugee Historian Hans Baron and the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning’ Monica Lowenberg, ‘The Education of the Cologne Jawne Gymnasium Children and the Berlin ORT School Boys in Germany and England’ Gillian Lathey, ‘From Emil to Alice: The Hiatus in the Childhood Reading of Exiles from Germany and Austria, 1933-45’ Jennifer Taylor, ‘Hans Vogel, the Flight of the Exiled German Social Democrats from France, 1940-41, and the British Labour Party’ Charmian Brinson, ‘Eva Kolmer and the Austrian Emigration in Britain, 1938-1946’ Frank Baron, ‘The “Myth” and Reality of Rescue from the Holocaust: The Karski–Koestler and Vrba–Wetzler Reports’ Richard Dove, ‘Theatre of War: The Austrian Exile Theatre Laterndl’ Wilfried Weinke, ‘“¼ im Herzen Australiens, wo die Savanne aufhört und die Wüste beginnt”: Deutsch-jüdische Emigranten, nach England geflohen, in Australien interniert’ Esther Schneider Handschin, ‘Berlin in “Saus und Braus” – Peter de Mendelssohns und Hilde Spiels Kulturaufbau im Dienst des britischen Re-Educationprogramms’