Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Special Volume

Environmental Security in China


Editor: Xiao Zhang
This volume of the Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment series is a translation of Environmental Security in China, which features contributions from top researchers from Chinese universities, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The ten articles following the introduction cover a range of environmental issues in four large categories with significant security implications: pollution, ecosystem deterioration, food and energy supply. In addition to long-standing environmental problems such as air, water and soil pollution, and grassland degradation, genetically modified (GM) foods, climate change and China’s energy dependence, which have taken on increasing urgency in recent years, are also discussed. Each chapter includes conceptual clarifications, historical overview, empirical analysis, case studies, international comparisons, and policy recommendations.

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ZHANG Xiao is a researcher from the Center for Environment and Development Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
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Introduction: Environmental Security is Fundamental to the Sustainable Development of Human Society
Zhang Xiao

Part 1: Environmental Security

1 Water Security in China
Zhang Xiao

2 A Security Analysis of China’s Soil
Zheng Yuxin

3 A Security Analysis of Sludge Treatment in China
Wang Shiwen

Part 2: Grassland Ecological Security

4 A Key Indicator of the Ecological Security of Grasslands: Overgrazing in Inner Mongolia
Dalintai and Zheng Yisheng

5 A Sustainability Assessment of the Dynamic Changes in the Use of China’s Grassland Resources
Yin Xiaoqing

Part 3: Food Security

6 From Food Security to Biological Warfare: the Weaponization Potentials of GM Agricultural Products
Gu Xiulin

7 The Environmental and Food Security Implications of Pesticide Production and Use in China
Li Yuhong

Part 4: Security Issues from the Point of View of Survival and Development

8 Adapting to the Prospect of a Radical Transformation of the Model of Human Survival: on the Challenges of Global Climate Change
Zheng Yisheng

9 Establishing Resource and Environmental Security by Means of Green Development
Zhang Youguo

10 The Environmental and Social Costs of China’s Quest for Energy
Zhang Yulin

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