China under Xi Jinping

Its Economic Challenges and Foreign Policy Initiatives


Volume Editor: SHAO Binhong
“How will China develop under Xi Jinping’s rule? Is Xi Jinping, and by extension the Chinese state, now acting from a position of strength or weakness? In other words, do his policies appear to be the actions of a strong leader of an increasingly powerful nation? Or, are they the actions of an insecure one, uncertain of how legitimate the state is in the eyes of the population over which it rules? As with each of the preceding volumes in this series, this book is so valuable because it provides English language translations of the most prominent recent writings on these issues by China’s leading scholars in the fields of international relations and political economy. This volume is an invaluable resource to all those looking to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of where China is headed during the Xi Jinping era.” – Allen Carlson, Cornell University

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Shao Binhong is senior editor at the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and also Secretary-General of the China Society of World Economics. Since 1996, she has been managing editor-in-chief of the International Economic Review, one of China’s core periodicals.
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1China’s Path of Peaceful Development in the Second Decade of the 21st Century
Zheng Bijian
2 How to Reboot China’s Reform
Wu Jinglian
3 Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of China’s Economic Development: Based on A Unified Framework of Growth Theories
Cai Fang
4 China’s Monetary Policy Since the Turn of the Century
Zhou Xiaochuan
5 Outward Reforming and Inward Opening to Promote Industrial Upgrading
Yu Miaojie and Wang Binluo
6 Global Governance Failure and Ideational Reconstruction for a Sustainable World Order
Qin Yaqing
7 Non-Neutral International Institution and Catch-Up Strategy of Emerging-Market Economies
Zhang Yuyan and Feng Weijiang
8 Harmonising the Management of Foreign and Domestic Affairs in Chinese Foreign Policy
Zhang Qingmin
9 Geo-Religion and China’s Foreign Strategy
Xu Yihua and Zou Lei
10 Sino-U.S. Strategic Rivalry and Evolution of the East Asian Security Order
Zhu Feng
11 Should China and Russia Become Allies?
Zhao Huasheng
12 DPRK Nuclear Issue and Chinese Policy
Zhang Tuosheng
13 Japan’s Political Right-Deviation, and the Issue of Way of Thinking and Strategic Approach to Sino-Japanese Relations
Shi Yinhong
14 On Daring and Inconsistency: Thoughts on Shi Yinhong’s 2014 Japanese Studies Article
Allen Carlson
15 Answers and Questions on China-Japan Relations
James Reilly
16 Theory of Victory, Expectation Adjustment, and China's Mutual Reassurance with Japan
Yinan He

All interested in the current development and changes China is undergoing, especially those interested in China's new international relations and foreign economic policies.