Charismatic Practice and Catholic Parish Life

The Incipient Pentecostalization of the Church in Guatemala and Latin America


In Charismatic Practice and Catholic Parish Life - the Incipient Pentecostalization of the Church in Guatemala and Latin America, Jakob Egeris Thorsen offers a detailed ethnographic and theological analysis of the impact of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on the Catholic Church in the region. Based on fieldwork, this interdisciplinary study examines how Charismatic practice and spirituality permeate both local parish life and the pastoral plans of the Catholic Church in Guatemala and Latin America.

The Charismatic Renewal is the largest lay movement in Latin America and has a profound influence on the Catholic Church. This book analyses both the social and ecclesiological consequences of an incipient Pentecostalization of Guatemalan and Latin American Catholicism.

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Jakob Egeris Thorsen, Ph.D. (2012), Aarhus University, is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Section for Theology at that university. He is publishing articles and anthology chapters on Latin American religion, Catholicism and systematic theology.
"(...) the choice to analyse such a complex phenomenon from the perspective of a parish is a great contribution of this book. It allows the reader to understand the popular roots of the charismatic movement in everyday life of the current believer. This is why this book offers stimulating content to students and researchers interested in Latin American and global Christendom." Jorge E. Castillo Guerra, in: Exchange Vol. 46 (2017).

"Thorsen hat ein sehr klar aufgebautes und präzises Buch verfasst, das sich nicht in unnötigen Exkursen verliert, die Komplexität des Themas jedoch basierend auf intensiven Feldforschungen sehr genau herausarbeitet.(...) Das Buch ist jedem zur Lektüre zu empfehlen, der sich mit der Situation der katholischen Kirche in Guatemala oder in Lateinamerika befasst, um einen Zugang zu einem Feld innerhalb der katholischen Kirche Lateinamerikas zu gewinnen (...)." Harald Grauer, Sankt Augustin, in: Materialdienst Vol. 9 (2016).

"This is a rare book combining empirical research and theological reflection. The author is exceptional in his knowledge of German, English, and Spanish theological and ethnographic works. One can only hope for a greater collaboration between the researchers in the various language groups and disciplines." Pierre Hegy, Adelphi University, in: Catholic Books Review (2015).
All interested in Guatemalan and Latin American Christianity, and anyone concerned with the anthropology, history or theology of the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement and the Catholic Church in the region.