The Echo of Die Blechtrommel in Europe

Studies on the Reception of Günter Grass's The Tin Drum


Volume Editors: Jos Joosten and Christoph Parry
The Echo of Die Blechtrommel in Europe presents an overview and analysis of the critical reception of Günter Grass’s classic novel throughout Europe. Starting from the reviews on its first publication in Germany in 1959, it follows the reception of its translations in Poland, Italy, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Finland and Sweden. Press reviews for the general public form the main object of research in this volume.
The articles reveal the different roles played by religious, political and ideological matters in the reception of the novel in the respective European countries. The articles, written by specialists from the countries under study, also reveal national differences and resemblances in the institutions of literary life in Europe.
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Jos Joosten is Professor of Dutch Literature at Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). He is a member of the research group Studying Cultural Infrastructure and Reception Across Borders (SCARAB) and has published several articles and books on the theory and practice of literary criticism and book reviewing.

Christoph Parry is Professor of German Literature at the University of Vaasa, Finland, where he also teaches Intercultural Studies. Publications include an Introduction to German Cultural History, a monograph on Peter Handke and numerous articles on contemporary German and Austrian literature and on questions of intercultural literary transfer and reception.

Contributors are Eva Banchelli, Rebecca Braun, Elke Brems, Jos Joosten, Liisa Laukkanen, Stefan Neuhaus, Mirosław Ossowski, Christoph Parry, Edgar Platen, Veronika Schuchter and Stéphanie Vanasten.
Notes on Contributors

Reading Die Blechtrommel throughout Europe: Introduction
Jos Joosten & Christoph Parry

1 Vom Skandalroman zum modernen Klassiker: Die Rezeption von Gunter Grass’ Roman Die Blechtrommel im deutschsprachigen Raum
Stefan Neuhaus
2 Von der ,epileptischen Kapriole‘ zum Nobelpreis: Die Blechtrommel als Paradigma der deutschsprachigen Literaturkritik
Veronika Schuchter
3 Die Blechtrommel in Polen: Der muhsame Weg zum Erfolg
Mirosław Ossowski
4 Die Blechtrommel und die italienische Kulturszene Anfang der Sechziger Jahre
Eva Banchelli
5 Being Gunter Grass: Appropriations of the Tin Drum Author in the British Media
Rebecca Braun
6 A Big Bang? The Paradox of the Reception of Gunter Grass’s Die Blechtrommel in The Netherlands
Jos Joosten
7 Framing Grass: The Reception of Die Blechtrommel in Flanders
Elke Brems
8 ,Schon schnellten sich von Oskars Zunge einige franzosische Wortchen‘: Die Blechtrommel in Frankreich
Stephanie Vanasten
9 Reception of the First Translation of Gunter Grass’s Die Blechtrommel in the Major Finnish Press
Christoph Parry
10 Die Blechtrommel in der fijinnischen Neuubersetzung von Oili Suominen. Zur Vernetzung von Verlag, Ubersetzung und Rezeption
Liisa Laukkanen
11 “Inte bara Grass … ” („Nicht nur Grass … “). Abgrenzung, Identifijikation, Banalisierung, oder: Zur Rezeption von Gunter Grass, seiner Blechtrommel und der Nachkriegsliteratur in Schweden
Edgar Platen

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The book aims at a relatively broad readership with interest in contemporary European literature and international cultural relations, as well as more specialised readers from (comparative) literary studies interested in Günter Grass, literary institutions and the literary field, reviewing and reception.