Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War I


This edited volume examines the experience of World War I of small nations, defined here in terms of their relative weakness vis-à-vis the major actors in European diplomacy, and colonial peripheries, encompassing areas that were subject to colonial rule by European empires and thus located far from the heartland of these empires. The chapters address subject nations within Europe, such as Ireland and Poland; neutral states, such as Sweden and Spain; and overseas colonies like Tunisia, Algeria and German East Africa. By combining analyses of both European and extra-European experiences of war, this collection of essays provides a unique comparative perspective on World War I and points the way towards an integrated history of small nations and colonial peripheries.
Contributors are Steven Balbirnie, Gearóid Barry, Jens Boysen, Ingrid Brühwiler, William Buck, AUde Chanson, Enrico Dal Lago, Matias Gardin, Richard Gow, Florian Grafl, Dónal Hassett, Guido Hausmann, Róisín Healy, Conor Morrissey, Michael Neiberg, David Noack, Chris Rominger, Danielle Ross and Christine Strotmann.

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Gearóid Barry is Lecturer in Modern European History at NUI Galway. Author of The Disarmament of Hatred: Marc Sangnier, French Catholicism, and the Legacy of the First World War, 1914-1945 (2012), he currently researches on wartime pacifism.
Enrico Dal Lago teaches American History at NUI Galway. He is author of several books, the latest of which is The Age of Lincoln and Cavour: Comparative Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century American and Italian Nation-Building (2015).
Róisín Healy is Lecturer in Modern European History at NUI Galway. Her most recent book is The Shadow of Colonialism on Europe’s Modern Past (2014). She is currently completing a monograph on Irish attitudes to Poland in the partition era.
"[...] this edited volume, taken from Brill’s History of Warfare series, makes a valuable contribution to the impact of the war on smaller nations and ‘colonial peripheries’. Based on conference proceedings, and incorporating the work of junior scholars alongside more established names, the volume presents a pleasingly eclectic selection of papers."
Martin J. Bayly, London School of Economics and Political Science, in: International Journal of Military History and Historiography 37.2 (2017).
Acknowledgments ix
List of Contributors x
Part 1
Shifting Identities in the Global War
1 Towards an Interconnected History of World War i: Europe and
Beyond 1
Gearoid Barry, Enrico Dal Lago and Roisin Healy
2 The Revolutionary Program of the German Empire: The Case of
Ireland 19
Christine Strotmann
3 “I Want Citizens’ Clothes”: Irish and German-Americans Respond to
War, 1914–1917 37
Michael S. Neiberg
Part 2
Small Nations
4 Protestant Nationalists and the Irish Conscription Crisis, 1918 55
Conor Morrissey
5 Pow s and Civilian Internees in Ireland During World War I 73
William Buck
6 Neutral Allies or Immoral Pariahs? Scandinavian Neutrality, International
Law and Great Power Politics in World War I 92
Michael Jonas
7 Civil and Military Relations in Spain in the Context of World
War I 107
Richard Gow
8 World War i and Its Impact on Catalonia 125
Florian Grafl
9 Fabricating National Unity in Torn Contexts: World War I in the
Multilingual Countries of Switzerland and Luxembourg 140
Ingrid Bruhwiler and Matias Gardin
10 Imperial Service, Alienation, and an Unlikely National “Rebirth”:
The Poles in World War i 157
Jens Boysen
11 The Ukrainian Moment of World War i 177G
uido Hausmann
Part 3
Colonial Peripheries
12 Small War on a Violent Frontier: Colonial Warfare and British
Intervention in Northern Russia, 1918–1919 193
Steven Balbirnie
13 Fighting for the Tsar, Fighting against the Tsar: The Use of Folk
Culture to Mobilize the Tatar Population during World War I and the
Russian Revolution (1914–1921) 211
Danielle Ross
14 Continuing the Great Game: Turkestan as a German Objective in
World War i 230
David X. Noack
15 Paths Not Taken: Mukhtar Al-Ayari and Alternative Voices in Post-War
Tunisia 245
Chris Rominger
16 Defijining Imperial Citizenship in the Shadow of World War I: Equality
and Diffference in the Debates around Post-War Colonial Reform in
Algeria 263
Donal Hassett
17 German East Africa: A Territory and People in World War I 281
Aude Chanson
Index 2933
Academics and non-academics interested in the First World War, military history, modern European history, small European states, Europe’s colonial empires, transnational transfers and ethnic identity.