Censorship, Translation and English Language Fiction in People’s Poland


This book studies the influence of censorship on the selection and translation of English language fiction in the People’s Republic of Poland, 1944-1989. It analyses the differences between originals and their translations, taking into account the available archival evidence from the files of Poland’s Censorship Office, as well as the wider social and historical context.
The book examines institutional censorship, self-censorship and such issues as national quotas of foreign literature, the varying severity of the regime, and criticism as a means to control literature. However, the emphasis remains firmly on how censorship affected the practice of translation. Translators shaped Polish perceptions of foreign literature from Charlie Chan books to Ulysses and from The Wizard of Oz to Moby-Dick. But whether translators conformed or rebelled, they were joined in this enterprise by censors and pulled into post-war Poland’s cultural power structures.
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Review Quotes

“The book definitely makes an important contribution to the literature on censorship and translation. It is a highly recommended reading for all those interested in translation in the context of repressive constraints and those interested in translation conventions and norms across languages and cultures. Undoubtedly, it is a must-read for scholars investigating the translation landscape of People’s Poland.”
- Joanna Dybiec-Gajer, University of Krakow, Poland in Target, Vol. 29.2 207 pp. 344-349

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Censors 7
Chapter 2 Progressives 27
Chapter 3 Others 67
Chapter 4 Morals 101
Chapter 5 Racists 135
Chapter 6 Children 155
Chapter 7 Translators 187
Bibliography .03
Index 223


Scholars interested in translation studies and especially those concerned with manipulation, politics, and ideology. It should also be of interest to Polish students of modern English and to students interested in the influence of English literature on Polish