National Identities and the Right to Self-Determination of Peoples

"Civic -Nationalism -Plus" in Israel and Other Multinational States


In National Identities and the Right to Self-Determination of Peoples, Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen revisits the legal right to self-determination of peoples and suggests an integrative model for securing the cohesion of the various nationalities within multinational states. The model, set on both legal and political science theories, departs from civic nationalism but calls to strengthen it with more immediate and emotional means, such as shared national symbols and multicultural education. Moodrick-Even Khen explores the political history of Canada, Belgium, and Spain and touches upon other divided societies such as South Africa, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Drawing upon these cases, she suggests a future model for a cohesive society in Israel, which is currently nationally divided between Arabs and Jews.

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Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, LL.D (2007), is a senior lecturer in The Academic Center of Law and Science. She has published articles in various branches of international law and a book on terrorism and international humanitarian law (Hebrew University, 2010).
1. Nationalism;
2. Living Together in Multinational States: Self-determination of Peoples and Multiculturalism ;
3. Federalism and Three Case Studies: Canada, Belgium, and Spain;
4. A Model of Citizenship (Stage I): Liberalism, Multiculturalism, and Civic Nationalism;
5. A Model of Citizenship (Stage II): Civic-Nationalism-Plus;
6. Multicultural Education and Multicultural Citizenship: Toward Civic Equality;
7. Case Study: The Jewish–Palestinian National Conflict in Israel;
I. The Zionist Project: Israel as the Homeland of the Jews;
II. The Formation of an Israeli Identity;
III. Civic-Nationalism-Plus in Israel: Toward a New Israeli Identity;
I. Re Secession of Quebec [1998];
II. Belgium's National Anthem: “La Brabançonne” (French, Dutch, and German lyrics and English translation);
III. Canada's National Anthem: “O Canada” (English and French lyrics);
IV. The Canadian Flag;
V. The Israeli Flag;
VI. Israel’s National Anthem (Hebrew Lyrics and English translation);
VII. Israel’s Proclamation of Independence (14 May 1948);
Academic libraries, specialists, students of international law, political science and education (graduate and post-graduate), think tanks in these fields, educated laymen and public activists and politicians.