Pro-independence Movements and Immigration

Discourse, Policy and Practice


The volume “Pro-independence Movements and Immigration: Discourse, Policy and Practice”, edited by Roberta Medda-Windischer and Patricia Popelier, explores the ways in which pro-independence movements and the governments of sub-state nations view and interact with new immigrants. It also examines the attitudes of new minorities toward pro-independence movements. Through case studies from the Basque Country, Flanders, Catalonia, Quebec, Scotland and South Tyrol, the authors examine the interrelationship between pro-independence movements and new minorities from a new perspective, oriented towards a more plural and inclusive approach between all individuals and groups (regardless of whether they are old or new minority groups) living in a given territory, and particularly in sub-national territories.

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Roberta Medda-Windischer (LL.M., PhD) is Senior Researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights of the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano. Her research focuses on the protection of minorities in international law and on new minorities stemming from migration.

Patricia Popelier is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Antwerp, vice-dean for research at the law faculty, and vice-chair of the International Association of Legislation. She has published monographs and many articles in the broad field of national, comparative and European constitutional law.
Introduction: The Interrelationship between Independence Movements and Migration in the Frame of the Alleged Dichotomy Between Old and New Minorities Roberta Medda-Windischer and Patricia Popelier;
Chapter 1: Immigration, Self-government and Secessionism: The Québec Case Alain Gagnon and Marc Sanjaume-Calvet ;
Chapter 2: Secessionist Parties' Approaches to Migration: The Weight of History on South Tyrolean Nationalism Andrea Carlà;
Chapter 3: Do Pro-Independence Parties Exclude Immigrants? The Case of Flanders Esma Baycan;
Chapter 4: Migration and Diversity in the Basque Sovereignty Discourse Andrea Ruiz
Chapter 5: Immigrants, Identity and Independence in Scotland Neil McGarvey and Gareth Mulvey;
Chapter 6: Secession and Immigration: An Exploration of the Views of Immigrants in the Catalan Case Núria Franco-Guillén and Sergi Esteve i Garcia
Chapter 7: The Role of Migrants in the Catalan Independence Process: A Legal Analysis Guayasén Marrero González ;
All interested in the relationship between old and new minorities, and the interplay of pro-independence movements and immigration.